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75+ Social Media Infographic Examples to Inspire Your Design

Check out our social media infographic ideas, examples, and templates, all in one place. Then design your own custom infographic for free using Venngage!

New Infographic Ideas, Templates & Examples

Infographics go together with social media like peanut butter and jelly. So why haven’t you created a social media infographic for your brand yet? Not sure where to start?


Well, as creatives we have all been there at least once. Staring at a blank screen, just hoping that a great idea comes into your head before a deadline is here.


Sometimes you need just a little bit of inspiration to get the creative wheels moving. And that’s why we created the Venngage Gallery. With over 1000 infographic ideas, examples and templates that you can use for inspiration.


Featuring simple infographics that you can share directly on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and more. Some complex ones that explain a marketing idea or social media strategy. And even infographics that to help illustrate growth on all of those platforms.  


After you find the perfect social media infographic idea, use one of Venngage’s many infographic templates to create your own!  

Most Popular New Infographic Templates

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