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Educational Resources
Help Center

Free Online Graph Maker

Customize engaging graphs to show complex data in presentations and reports, and impress prospective clients, partners, and donors!

Not a designer? Not a problem. With Venngage's free library of easy-to-edit graph templates, anyone can create stunning graphs in minutes. 40,000+ businesses have trusted Venngage's free graph maker tool to improve their data visualizations!

Trusted by

Design from one of our graph templates

Customize one of our professionally-designed templates. See all graph templates

Graph Templates

What can you do with Venngage's free graph maker tool?

What can you do with Venngage's free graph maker tool?

You can create amazing data visualization graphics without previous design experience. Why hire an expert when you can customize your favorite report or presentation template in minutes?

What can you do with Venngage's free graph maker tool?

Excel can be complicated and it doesn't always look great. Forget dull communications, Venngage has hundreds of graph templates for projects, metrics, company milestones, proposals, and more!

What can you do with Venngage's free graph maker tool?

Our intuitive graph creator makes you look good in no time, with professionally designed templates — powerful enough for marketers, executives and other professionals.

What can you do with Venngage's free graph maker tool?

Use raw data to create stunning graphs. Enter new data in a simple table or paste your Google Sheets link or upload an Excel file to import information automatically with Venngage's graph generator.

How to make a graph in 5 easy steps:

Create a Venngage account – it's free to sign up with your email or Google or Facebook account.
Choose a template from one of our many graph types: bar charts, line graphs, pie charts, scatterplots, bubble charts, and more.
Enter your data in our table or import data from a Google spreadsheet. The graph will transform to fit your data all in real-time.
Edit the colors with our color wheel. Try out different graph styles, like line and bar graphs, with one click. Or spice up your graphs with icons.
Share your graph with your team seamlessly from the Venngage graph maker tool. Or upgrade to download your creation.
How to make a graph in 5 easy steps:

Create a powerful graph with Venngage's graph maker tool

Customizable Graphs

Customizable Graphs

Our bar graphs, pie charts, line graphs, scatterplots, and other types of data visualization templates are professionally designed and easy to edit.

User-Friendly Editor

User-Friendly Editor

Make a graph easily by entering your data into our online graph creator – or upload an Excel file or paste the link to your Google Sheet to automatically import data.

Download in Multiple Formats

Download in Multiple Formats

Easily share your graphs online with a click, download as HTML for emails, and as PNG, PDF, or PPT — to send them as images or add them on Slides or PowerPoint.

Fonts and Visuals

Fonts and Visuals

Stand out from the crowd with a bold font from our collection. Access our library of thousands of free and premium images, graphs, and icons to boost your creation.

24-Hour Priority Support

24-Hour Priority Support

Have a question? We're here to help! Our support team is available around the clock, so your team can keep working like clockwork. We can help you design faster!

Royalty-Free Stock Photography

Royalty-Free Stock Photography

Our free graph maker tool is integrated with Pixabay and Pexels to elevate your design. Access stunning, professional photography with just one click.

Discover the art of inclusive design with Venngage's AI-powered tools

Discover the art of inclusive design with Venngage's AI-powered tools

Typically, digital design neglects the crucial aspect of accessibility, often sidelining it.

This oversight leads to content that fails to provide equal opportunity for all users, particularly those with disabilities.

Venngage transforms this approach by integrating a robust accessibility tool into its design process. With features like pre-applied alt text, text tags, and correct contrast in every template, Venngage ensures that content is inclusive and accessible to everyone, fostering an equitable digital environment.

Explore Venngage's "Accessible" category to see how accessible design can be effortlessly achieved.

Import data easily from Excel and Google Sheets

You may be wondering: I'm not a data person. How am I supposed to input my numbers without this being a huge headache?

Rest assured: if you know the bare-bones basics of how to use a spreadsheet, you can use Venngage's online graph creator!

  • Import your Excel files directly into our free graph maker tool with just a click.

  • Link a Google Sheet – if preferred. This will auto-populate the graph with your data.

  • Conclusion: No headache.
  • Import data easily from Excel and Google Sheets
    With our graph creator, bringing data to life has never been easier!

    With our graph creator, bringing data to life has never been easier!

    New to graph design? No problem.

  • Free graph templates: Venngage's online graph maker and easy-to-use templates present graphs for any occasion!

  • Customizable graph options: Choose from modern fonts, bold colors, easy-to-scan layouts, and fun icons.

  • Color palettes: Highlight important data with one click. Use our template color palettes or import your brand colors.

    From conservative and boring designs to creative, bold and powerful communications! We have hundreds of fully customizable templates for you.
  • Download or share your graph design in one click

  • Once you've perfected your custom data visualization, it's time to share it with a link! Save time by sharing on social media directly if you need to.

  • Premium and Business users can export copies of their posters in PNG, PowerPoint, and even interactive PDF (to use hyperlinking).

  • Once downloaded, you can add your graph to PowerPoint, Google Slides, Word, Google Docs and other document editing tools.

  • Quick tip: to print your document, apply print bleeds in the editor before downloading as a PDF.

  • Free user? No problem! Copy the custom URL and share your design via email.
  • Download or share your graph design in one click


    How do I sign up for Venngage?

    Click the "Create Graph" button below. You'll sign up using your email address, Google or Facebook account. It's free and there's no credit card required.

    Can I edit my graph after it's saved?

    Absolutely. Venngage's editor automatically saves your work as you go along. Exit our free graph generator and come back at any time to make changes if you need to.

    Can I download, share or print out my graph?

    It's free to share a private link from our online graph maker. Nonetheless, there's a small monthly fee required to download the graph as a PDF or PNG.

    Design a graph online with our free graph maker tool — select any of our powerful graph templates!


    Get started with one of our top graph templates: