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Venngage Muse

Transform your design process with Venngage's AI solution.

An AI-enhanced design suite

Save hours of designing with Venngage’s AI-powered, customizable designs.

A simple yet powerful editor

Venngage's intuitive interface makes creating stunning visuals a breeze. Generate and edit with ease, and collaborate seamlessly with team members using built-in collaboration tools.

The Venngage editor, showing charts, maps, and contrast checker.
  • Improve your copy and editing process

    • Highlight your design copy to get AI-suggested improvements
    • Adjust text length, tone, and style with AI-based recommendations
    • Make your content sound more professional or concise effortlessly
    Improve text feature that is suggesting professional copy for a design. There are options to make the copy shorter, fix spelling and grammar, or make the copy sound more professional.
  • Be your own design department with automatic branding tools

    • Shuffle brand styles and fonts for a cohesive design
    • Autobrand your designs using AI to extract styles from your website URL
    Venngage editor showing features such as brand colors, and logos.
  • Make your designs accessible to everyone

    • Automatically generate alt text for images using AI
    • Check for compliance issues with the accessibility checker, including contrast ratios and text tags
    • Follow Web Content Accessibility Guidelines with ease
    Accessibility features included in Venngage’s editor, including an accessibility checker  and alt text feature.
  • Say goodbye to dry data with AI-powered chart copy

    • Input your chart data to receive detailed descriptions and interpretations
    • Enhance the accessibility and clarity of your data visualizations
    Accessible charts that can be made in Venngage, including a donut chart, a chloropeth map, and a word cloud.
  • Achieve flawless visuals with the in-built background remover

    • Effortlessly remove backgrounds from images and save time on manual editing.
    Background remover feature for a selected image in the Venngage editor.
  • Collaborate from anywhere

    • Invite team members to edit designs
    • Keep your team aligned with team templates
    A design open in the Venngage editor with share option.

“Because Venngage provides templates for every imaginable business category and use case, I used it to transform my marketing materials, social media output and even an online magazine. Whether I needed visuals saved as a PNG for social media, a PDF for a presentation or any other file type, Venngage facilitated it with a few clicks.”