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Free AI Catalog Generator

Your catalog needs to connect with your target audience. Visual communication can be challenging, but not with our AI catalog generator! Simply enter a prompt detailing the catalog design you need, and voila! You can then edit and customize your catalog as needed for all your different products.

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How to write a prompt that generates the catalogs you want?

  • Define Objectives and Content: Outline the catalog's purpose, target audience, and key messages. Include detailed descriptions for each item, such as features, benefits, and prices.

  • Specify Design Preferences and Layout: Indicate your design style, color schemes, font choices, and layout preferences. Mention the arrangement of sections like categories, featured items, and special offers.

  • Use Clear and Specific Language:Write a detailed prompt using clear and specific language. Describe the type of catalog you want, including all the elements and design preferences you've outlined, to ensure the AI generates exactly what you need.

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Sample prompts you can modify and use

“Electronics Catalog: Generate a catalog template for an electronics store featuring the latest gadgets and devices. Include sections for smartphones, laptops, tablets, and accessories. Use a modern design with a sleek layout, blue and white color scheme, and high-quality images. Each product description should highlight key features, benefits, and prices”

“Fashion Catalog: Create a catalog template for a women's fashion boutique showcasing the latest seasonal collection. Include sections for dresses, tops, bottoms, and accessories. Use a chic and elegant design with a pastel color palette, stylish fonts, and plenty of white space. Each item should have a detailed description, including fabric, sizes available, and pricing.”

“Home Decor Catalog: Design a catalog template for a home decor store featuring furniture and accessories. Include sections for living room, bedroom, kitchen, and outdoor items. Use a warm and inviting design with earthy tones, a clean layout, and large product images. Each product should have descriptions highlighting materials, dimensions, and prices.”

“Sports Equipment Catalog: Generate a catalog template for a sports equipment store showcasing products for various sports. Include sections for soccer, basketball, tennis, and fitness gear. Use an energetic design with bold colors, dynamic fonts, and action-packed images. Each product should have descriptions focusing on features, performance benefits, and pricing.”

Streamline Your Product Presentation

How do you effectively showcase your products in a catalog that connects with consumers and drives sales? Designing a structured, attractive catalog can be time-consuming, but you need to present and scale your products quickly.

With our tool, simply provide details such as your desired design, layout, and the type of products or services you offer. Our AI will create a catalog tailored to your specifications, making the process fast and efficient!

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Elevate and Enhance Your Buyer Experience

Our tool can present your information in an organized and accessible way, elevating your buyer's shopping experience. It ensures intuitive navigation and quick search capabilities.

By eliminating frustration, our tool keeps visitors engaged and satisfied. This seamless experience encourages more purchases and increases customer loyalty.

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Boost Efficiency and Save Time

Our tool allows you to generate a professionally formatted catalog in seconds, saving you hours of manual work. It streamlines the process, giving you more time to focus on other critical aspects of your business.

With increased efficiency, you can dedicate your resources to growth and innovation. Let our AI-powered tool handle the catalog creation, so you can concentrate on what truly matters for your business.

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How can you create a catalog in under 5 minutes?

  • Step 1: Define Your Objectives

    Identify the core objectives you want to achieve with your catalog. Clearly outline the purpose, target audience, and key messages to establish a foundation for your catalog.

  • Step 2: Specify Key Sections & Elements

    Select essential sections such as product categories, featured items, detailed product descriptions, prices, and special offers. Ensure these elements align with your objectives and are relevant to your audience.

  • Step 3: Craft Your AI Prompt

    Create a detailed AI prompt for your catalog, including specific requests for layout, design elements, color schemes, and the arrangement of sections.

  • Step 4: Review and Refine

    Examine the initial AI-generated catalog and refine elements such as clarity, visual appeal, and completeness. Ensure the catalog is detailed and aligns with your marketing goals.

  • Step 5: Finalize and Share

    Confirm all catalog elements are correctly structured and comprehensive. Finalize the catalog, prepare any necessary content, and ensure it is ready for distribution to your audience.

Venngage is more than just an AI catalog generator

Venngage is your one-stop shop for creating impactful resumes, presentations, infographics, reports, and more. It's a favorite among professionals, educators, and marketers for a reason:

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Effortless Design

Browse a vast library of pre-made templates and customize them with your own text, images, and branding for a unique and polished look.

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Drag-and-Drop Simplicity

The intuitive interface makes creating stunning visuals a breeze. Drag, drop, and edit with ease, and collaborate seamlessly with team members using built-in collaboration tools.

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Data Made Clear

Transform your data into clear and informative charts and graphs. Import data directly from spreadsheets and let Venngage do the work.

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Consistent Branding

Maintain a professional image with Venngage's Brand Kit. Save your company colors, fonts, and logos to ensure consistent branding across all your designs.

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High-Quality Exports

Export your creations in various high-resolution formats like PDF, PNG, and many more, perfect for both digital and print use.


Yes, you can fully customize all AI-generated templates on Venngage's platform.

Yes, Venngage offers a wide variety of catalog designs to suit different needs and preferences. Whether you're looking for something sleek and modern, or more detailed and data-focused, you'll find numerous options to choose from in our extensive template library.

Yes, the AI-generated catalogs created using Venngage's tools are copyright-free. You can use them for both personal and commercial purposes without any restrictions on copyright. However, it's always good practice to ensure that any externally sourced content you include is also cleared for use.

The number of catalogs you can generate for free on Venngage is currently unlimited.

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