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Anyone can make an engaging timeline with Venngage's Timeline Maker

Start creating for free

Not a designer? No problem. With our library of simple and easy to edit templates, anyone can start creating a timeline infographic in seconds. Over 40,000 businesses use and trust Venngage to make professional infographics.

Get started with our free timeline maker and infographic templates

Choose from one of our easy-to-edit timeline templates and save hours of design time.

Customize the template in our online Timeline Maker. Change the colors, icons, fonts and backgrounds in seconds. Choose from over 10,000+ free diverse icons or stock photos. Add your brand colors and fonts with one click.

Use our timeline maker to create visual timelines for projects, processes, employee onboarding, event planning and more.

With Venngage, anyone can be a design hero and create an engaging timeline infographic.

How to make a timeline in 5 steps with Venngage's Timeline Maker:

  1. Create a Venngage Timeline Maker account for free
  2. Choose from hundreds of project timelines, company timelines, onboarding timelines and more.
  3. Use Venngage's drag-and-drop timeline creator to add, select and remove sections with ease.
  4. Choose from over 40,000 stunning icons, stock photos and fonts to bring your design to life.
  5. Download your timeline as an image, PDF or PowerPoint or share a private link.

Venngage's Timeline Maker is simple but powerful

Easy-to-edit timeline templates

Venngage has dozens of timeline templates for projects, company milestones, event schedules, employee onboarding and more.

Customize your template quickly with our Timeline Maker

Our online timeline creator lets you change the icons, backgrounds, fonts and colors with a few clicks.

Collaborate with your team

Invite team members and let multiple people edit a design or leave comments. Save private branded templates and create folders, too.

Share or download your timeline infographic

Share a private link with your team or download your timeline as an image, PDF or PowerPoint.

Make a timeline in minutes with Venngage's free Timeline Maker

- No costly design tools

- No designers

- No long turnaround times

No hassle!

Our free timeline software makes it easy to create professional and attractive timelines.

With drag-and-drop technology and a simple interface, Venngage's Timeline Maker lets anyone create a timeline quickly and easily.

Use Venngage's Timeline Maker to visualize projects and processes with ease

Communicate project milestones, present a project plan to clients or document a process. Venngage's Timeline Maker helps you visualize your content in a way that's engaging and easy to understand.

Summarize blog posts and survey results, make engaging presentation decks, share creative reports or design click-worthy social media content.

Our timeline generator lets anyone easily swap boring text for fresh visuals, even if you're not a designer.

Easy-to-customize timeline templates

Venngage's timeline creator lets you change icons, fonts, backgrounds and colors easily.

Drag and drop lines or shapes or use our Smart Templates to easily add new points.

Access our in-editor library with 1000s of free icons, images and stock photos.

Add your brand colors, fonts and logo with My Brand Kit.

Collaborate with your team in real time

Invite team members and let multiple people edit a design or leave comments. Save private templates and create folders too.

Easily share or download your timeline from Venngage's Timeline Maker

Download your timeline infographic as an image, PDF or PowerPoint. Or share a private link with your team.


How do I sign up for Venngage's Timeline Maker?

To start using our timeline creator, just sign up with your email, Facebook or Gmail account. It's free!

Why is Venngage's Timeline Maker the best tool to make my timeline?

Here's what our users said: Venngage's Timeline Maker offers the best variety of professional timeline templates, the most flexible design features and unbeatable customer service.

What else can I make with Venngage's Timeline Maker?

Venngage is your one-stop shop for visual design. Once you register for a Venngage account, you can create timelines, roadmaps, reports, presentations, white papers, data visualizations, brochures, social media posts and more.

Try Venngage's Timeline Maker today. Select any of our popular timeline infographic templates to start.

Make a timeline to win over clients, impress your team, build your brand and more.