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Create a Gantt chart with Venngage, design software for non-designers


Manage your project and keep your team on track with an easy-to-understand Gantt chart

Create a Gantt chart to plan your next project with ease

Ditch the whiteboard. Create a Gantt chart that's simple to customize and collaborate on with Venngage's online graphic design tool.

Plan your project, assign tasks and share your work with your team. Understand your project at a glance and know exactly where you are and what's left to be done.

Venngage's versatile Gantt chart maker lets you create a completely customized chart so that you can capture every element of your unique project. Plus, our modern templates make it easy to design eye-catching project plans.

Create clear visuals and insert dynamic shapes and icons that will engage your audience.

Executing your project has never been more straightforward. Even better, no design experience is required.

Design a professional Gantt chart in 5 steps:

  1. Sign up for Venngage with your email, Gmail or Facebook account.
  2. Select one of our professionally-designed Gantt chart templates and try it for free.
  3. List your project's steps on one axis and then set up your timeline on the other. Add start and due dates and assign each task to a team member.
  4. Add visual appeal by inserting your logo and brand colors. Or color code the task bars.
  5. Download your Gantt chart or share it directly from Venngage with a single click.

Create and customize your Gantt chart with these easy steps:

Use a theme to get started in minutes

Select one of our beautiful Gantt chart templates. We've organized everything for you—just click and drag and drop to make the chart your own.

Choose from 1000s of free high-quality images + image upload your own to make your design stand out

Venngage gives you access to the Unsplash library, the best place to get beautiful, free stock photos. Or upload your logo or other images.

Use your brand color palettes to reflect your brand identity

Make your Gantt chart stand out with My Brand Kit. Click on any element in the template and change it to one of your brand colors.

Add icons and arrows to your designs to highlight important tasks

Browse our library of thousands of professional icon designs. Drag and drop in the ones you like to point out key deliverables and deadlines.

Pick the right template for your Gantt chart

You don't have to be a graphic designer to make an awesome Gantt Chart. With Venngage's selection of professionally designed Gantt chart templates almost anyone can create one in no time. Plus, we have already done all the heavy-duty design work for you.

All you need to do is add your great ideas to the template with a few clicks. No need to worry about spacing, font choices or color palettes on Venngage. That is already taken care of on all of our templates. So what are you waiting for?

Collaborate with different teams or departments

A Gantt chart is a great way to speak the common language of project planning. Venngage makes it even easier to get team members, other departments or clients on board with our powerful team features.

Share your case study with one click or invite people to edit your Gantt chart. You control who can see and edit your design. You can even save your Gantt chart as a template for future use.

High-quality PDF and PNG export for print

Create dynamic print presentations and posters. Our PNG HD option lets you export your Gantt chart fully optimized for print. You won't have to worry whether your image will end up pixelated. We do the hard work for you.


What is Venngage?

Venngage is one of the world's leading online flowchart and graphic design softwares, with over 1 million users. Our graphic design software makes it easy for non-designers to create professional Gantt charts, flowcharts, infographics, presentations and more.

How can I make a Gantt chart with Venngage?

Get started immediately by signing up for Venngage with your email, Gmail or Facebook account. Select one of our Gantt chart templates and edit the text. Customize your chart further by dragging and dropping in icons or images from our library. Add your brand colors, too. Delete any sections of the template you don't want.

Can I share and download my Gantt chart?

Absolutely. You can share your Gantt chart with anyone you wish within the Venngage editor. Add your contact's email address to invite them to view the design. Or copy the private link. You can also download your Gantt chart as a PNG or PDF (Business or Premium accounts only).

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