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Design insightful SWOT analyses that help brands succeed


Discover new possibilities with Venngage's free SWOT-Analysis Maker.

Design an impactful SWOT Analysis that will give your strategy a head start.

With Venngage, you can easily design an attractive and memorable SWOT analysis. Clear layouts help you organize your information, while helpful icons and other visuals let you effectively communicate your ideas and insights.

A visually-engaging SWOT analysis helps team members, executives, and clients all understand the areas they need to focus on. You can design SWOT analyses to include in consulting reports, client presentations, internal audit reports and more. Being able to quickly create a professional SWOT analysis is invaluable to anyone in a marketing, consulting or business development role.

You also won't need any design experience to create something captivating and professional, with Venngage's editor.

Create a SWOT analysis in 5 easy and quick steps:

  1. Sign up for Venngage with your email, Gmail or Facebook account—it's free!
  2. Select one of our professionally-designed SWOT analysis templates to open the SWOT analysis maker.
  3. Add each competitor, its logos, information and the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats you've identified.
  4. Make your SWOT analysis more visually appealing by choosing from thousands of icons, illustrations and stock photos available from our editor.
  5. Download your SWOT analysis or share it directly from Venngage in a single click.

Design an impactful SWOT analysis by following these easy steps:

Use our smart SWOT analysis editor

Our smart list and diagram features allow for a seamless SWOT analysis design experience.

Choose a professional SWOT analysis template

Draw your design inspiration from SWOT analysis templates that are corporate and professional, trendy and minimalist, highly-visual and engaging and much more!

Add images, icons and illustrations

Icon replace in one click. Easily resize and frame stock photos with a click using the photo-frame widget.

Incorporate your brand identity

From the editor, access My Brand Kit to apply your brand colors and brand logos to your design instantly.

Visualize and brainstorm ideas with smart list and diagram features

Venngage's smart list and diagrams make design a breeze.

You can easily add, edit, drag or delete text, nodes and branches in one click, and your SWOT analysis will automatically scale accordingly.

No need to edit and resize every single text box or arrow to your content. We'll do that—and you have time to focus on creating the best SWOT analysis for your business.

Choose from over 10,000 icons for a professional-looking SWOT analysis design

Use line icons, flat icons, and highly-detailed illustrated icons to emphasize key sections and findings throughout your SWOT analysis.

Leave the mark of a professional graphic designer with Venngage's memorable icons.

One-click branding with My Brand Kit

Upload and save your brand colors, fonts and logo to your Brand Kit. Add your branding to any of our templates with one click.

You can also use My Brand Kit to set title, subtitle and body font styles and sizes.

The result? Designs that are uniform and consistent every time.

Collaborate with your entire team

Save time and effort designing with Venngage's real-time collaboration.

It's easy for everyone on your team to jump in, collaborate, work on a design and give each other feedback, all on a single design dashboard.

Our easy SWOT analysis creator transforms design and collaboration into a seamless experience, for anyone on the team, no matter the design skills.

Download or share your SWOT analysis in one click

You can share a public link for free after finishing your design.

Once you've upgraded to a paid plan, you can invite your team members to edit and provide feedback.

You can also download your SWOT chart in PNG, PDF, Interactive PDF or PowerPoint format that can be added to PowerPoint, Google Slides, Word, Google Docs and other document editing tools.

SWOT Analysis FAQ

What is Venngage?

Venngage is one of the world's leading online SWOT analysis and graphic design tools, with over one million users. Our online design tool makes it easy for non-designers to create professional SWOT analysis reports, competitor reports, and SWOT analysis presentations.

How can I make a SWOT analysis with Venngage?

Simple. Sign up for Venngage with your email, Gmail or Facebook account. Then, select one of our professional SWOT analysis templates and edit the text. Swap in new icons, colors, and photos, if you wish. Delete any sections of the template you don't want.

What would I use a SWOT analysis for?

A SWOT analysis is ideal for understanding where an organization stands, and what directions it should take to grow. It is a presentation of an organization's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that it faces. These are core insights that allow for meaningful strategizing, short-term planning and long-term planning.

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