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The visual communication tool for nonprofits

Create compelling visual stories that inspire others to take action. Your nonprofit may be eligible for up to 30% off Venngage Business.

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Stunning designs without a designer

Ignite your creativity by exploring the limitless potential of designer-free infographics. Awaken inspiration and engagement beyond PowerPoint and Excel. Leave an indelible mark with captivating visuals, storytelling, and simplified processes. Experience the extraordinary and unlock your creative genius today!

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Some infographic and report templates offered by Venngage.

Export accessible PDFs

  • A library of accessible templates built to be ADA and WCAG-compliant
  • Automatically check for compliance issues, including contrast ratios, alt text, text tags and more
  • Export in accessible PDF/UA format
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Accessibility features included in Venngage’s editor, including an accessibility checker, a vision simulator, and a contrast checker.

Professional nonprofit branding with a click

Design visuals which leave a lasting impression, distinguishing you from the rest. Empower your designs with My Brand Kit, effortlessly infusing your brand identity into every captivating creation you craft.

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Venngage templates with brand colors, fonts, and logos applied.

Visualize human data to tell compelling stories

Unleash captivating stories through data visualization. Explore a wealth of accessible tools like charts, graphs, interactive maps, and iconic visuals to bring your cause to life with compelling narratives

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Charts that can be made in Venngage, including a donut chart, a choropleth map, and an area chart.

Design for diversity with customizable icons

Unlock the power of Venngage Premium's expansive icon library, boasting 10,000+ customizable icons and illustrations, including diverse skin tone options. Craft visually stunning graphics that embrace diversity and captivate your audience.

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An Image showing skin tone being customized on an icon of a person in the Venngage editor.
Vera Aroca Picture

After discovering Venngage, I realized sharing the wealth of information ChadSan had would be best through infographics. And from that point on I’ve stuck to only using Venngage.

Vera Aroca, Head of Marketing Communications of ChadSanLearn how Vera Aroca grew ChadSan’s online following using infographics

A powerful design solution for professionals

Nonprofit infographics

Create engaging diagrams, process infographics, and data visualizations that convey complex information simply. Create beautiful visuals with no design experience.

Automated branding

Upload your logos, color palettes and custom fonts to your Brand Kit. Then, apply them to your designs in just a click. Cohesive branding across all of your designs, made easy.

Team collaboration

Share designs with your team, work together, and leave comments on each other’s work. Keep your communications consistent with Team Templates.

24/5 Priority Support

Got a question? We’re here to help. Our support team is available around the clock, so your team can keep working like clockwork.

Export to PowerPoint

Level up your presentations with impressive, captivating slides. Create presentation decks on Venngage and export them to PowerPoint. Stand out.

1-1 design consultations

Learn about best practices, neat shortcuts and time-saving hacks that keep you productive and level up your designs.

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Get started with one of our easy-to-use templates:

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