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Create organizational charts that look great and get the point across with Venngage's organizational chart maker.

Design an organizational chart for your company or organization for free with Venngage's online organizational chart maker.

Organizational charts are a great way to organize complex organizational information into a simple structure. They are informational tools that are intended to organize and manage hierarchies within companies, institutions, departments, and even families. They can be as simple as text boxes containing names or positions that are connected with lines to show relationship or some organizations add photos of members or images to portray different departments.

By creating an org chart with Vennage, organizational structure will be more clear, providing more efficiency from within. You can design your professional organizational chart with Venngage simply by choosing from Venngage's ready available templates and layouts created by our design team then customizing the template based on your preferences with Venngage's design tools.

It's simple and you can design for free without hiring a graphic designer.

How to get started with our org chart creator:

  1. Sign up for Venngage with your email, Gmail or Facebook account—it's free!
  2. Select one of our professionally-designed organization chart templates to open the organizational chart maker.
  3. Add text boxes containing names or positions within your organization and connect them with lines to show relationship or some organizations add photos of members or images to portray different departments.
  4. Make your organizational chart more visually appealing by choosing from thousands of icons, illustrations and stock photos available from our editor.
  5. Download your organizational chart or share it directly from Venngage in a single click.

Org chart creator features:

Professional org chart templates

Draw your design inspiration from org chart templates that are corporate and professional, trendy and minimalist, highly-visual and engaging and much more!

1000s of high-quality free stock photos

Choose a stock photo directly from the editor, or upload your own. Easily resize and frame photos with a click using the photo-frame widget.

One-click branding with Venngage's My Brand Kit

Use My Brand Kit to apply your brand colors and brand logos to your template instantly. You can also use My Brand Kit to apply dozens of unique color palettes to your design.

Over 10,000 free, professional icons

Choose from line icons, flat icons, and highly-detailed illustrations to emphasize key sections and findings throughout your org chart.

The organizational chart maker with team capabilities

Collaborate and share research for your org chart between team members and across departments. Support your content with feedback and contributions from the team.

Download your org chart design as high-quality PDFs or PNGs.

Don't lose a single pixel of quality when you share your org chart design on a screen, in a presentation or on paper. Use our organizational chart maker to make a sharp org chart that can be exported at high quality with ease.

Share your org chart designs or org chart examples directly to your social media pages.

Impress your followers, clients and prospective clients with your organizational skills, industry insights, and design talent.


How do I make an organizational chart online for free?

Use Venngage, the online org chart creator and graphic design software with over one million users. Our online design tool and templates makes it easy for non-designers to create org charts, reports, presentations and more.

What is the easiest way to create an org chart?

Start with an org chart template. Venngage's organizational chart maker lets you edit the template's text, swap in new icons, add your brand colors and upload your logo.

How do I create a professional organizational chart?

To create a professional organizational chart, start with an org chart template to ensure a clean, clear structure. Apply your brand colors and fonts and place a photo of each employee by their name or a descriptive icon to improve comprehension.

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