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The Infographic Maker for Nonprofit Leaders!


Create professional nonprofit infographics that engage your audience, donors and organization today.

Design compelling nonprofit infographics that win over donors.

Boost the impact of your marketing at every level. Design impressive nonprofit infographics that raise awareness, highlight your organization's work, and support your fundraising campaigns.

You can choose from hundreds of professional nonprofit infographic templates, illustrations, icons, charts, and graphs to present facts, stats, milestones and more!

Create professional-looking infographics in 5 steps:

  1. Sign up for a free Venngage account.
  2. Choose any nonprofit infographic template you want to customize.
  3. Add your content, choice of charts and graphs, and relevant statistics.
  4. Visualize your content with unique icons, illustrations, stunning stock photos and fonts.
  5. Download or share your impressive infographic with the world with one click.

A user-friendly editor with easy-to-access features

Easily add your brand

From the editor, apply your brand colors and logo with just a click to your infographics, reports and other designs!

A diverse, inclusive library of icons

We have over 10,000 icons that are unique, diverse and highly inclusive - taking into consideration a range of needs and audiences

The perfect fonts

Whether it's an annual report, an event poster, or a fun infographic - you'll have access to over a 100+ popular fonts.

Use the images right for you

You can always upload and resize your own images for your design. You also have access to thousands of stock photos directly from the editor.

Communicate strategy, align your team, and drive productivity

Simplify complex processes with the right visuals to communicate them. Easily design infographics that breakdown your strategies, marketing plans, project roadmaps, impact reports, annuals reports and more.

Share high-quality printouts or design stunning slide decks to impress your team and stakeholders.

Become your own professional design team

Venngage helps you create impressive designs on a tight budget. Choose from hundreds of infographic templates, marketing plan templates, annual report templates and more to customize in our editor.

Save your designs as templates for your entire organization to access remotely for recurring content and future designs. Venngage for Business features like My Brand Kit, Collaboration, and Team Share elevate your entire team's nonprofit communications.

Share your infographic with the world

Once you have created an informative infographic for your nonprofit, it's time to share it with the world! With Venngage, that means you can either download your infographic, send it to your team or share it directly on social media.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I sign up for Venngage?

You can sign up for Venngage using your email, Google account or Facebook account.

Why should I use an infographic for my nonprofit?

An infographic is a great way to communicate with your donors, keep your employees informed, or pitch a partnership. Or if you are dealing with a mountain of data you can make it simple for anyone to understand with an infographic.

Can I download or share my infographic?

Yes! With a free account, you can share your infographic right from Venngage in a few clicks. To download your infographic as a PNG or PDF, simply upgrade to our Premium plan.

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