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Donut Chart Marketing Stats Template

Donut Chart Marketing Stats Template

Communicate important data such as market segments and growth trends with this Donut Chart Marketing Stats Template from Venngage.

If you are in need of a method to simplify complex information, data, or statistics about your company, using a visually-engaging material such as a chart can help. And when it comes to segmenting important market statistics, donut pie charts are one of the best ways to display your information. If you don’t have enough experience in creating high-quality, professional charts for business, don’t fret. This donut chart marketing stats template from Venngage is designed to help you relay complex business statistics in a visually appealing, easy to understand manner. Pie charts are graphical representations of information, data, or statistics that uses segments or “slices” to show relative proportions compared to the whole. The total value of all the segments in a pie chart, when added together, is 100%. Thus, if you are looking for a way to represent a part of the whole, using donut-shaped pie charts is one of the most effective ways to do it. Companies and businesses who create their own pie charts to display data to their customers and stakeholders have a distinct advantage over those who do not. By using a visually-engaging method of explaining complex information such as charts, you can hold the attention of your audience better. You can also expect your audience to remember your data longer if they are displayed using charts. However, not everyone is skilled enough to create a high-quality chart presentation from scratch. If you want to create your very own donut chart for marketing purposes but you don’t know how to start, this donut chart marketing stats template from Venngage can help set you up for success. Venngage has thousands of unique pre-designed templates that you can use to build your own marketing charts and materials. Designed to be beginner-friendly, you can easily customize and modify these templates using Venngage’s drag-and-drop template editor. All of the tools that you need to craft a marketing chart is already included inside Venngage’s editor. There is no need to install extra software or browser extensions that can slow your computer down. Venngage is cloud-based, which means you can access your designed templates anytime and anywhere, as long as you can connect to the internet. When creating your very own donut chart, always double check to ensure that your information is accurate and up-to-date. Edit and customize the default data found on this template by replacing it with your information. Use different color palettes to easily segment the different variables on your donut chart. There are dozens of different colors that you can choose from by using the Color Picker tool on the template editor. All of the elements in this donut chart marketing stats template are 100% customizable. You can customize the fonts, text, title, color palettes, background images, and shape of the donut chart with just a few clicks of your button. If you want to customize the different elements found on this chart, simply choose from the different options available in Venngage’s drag-and-drop template editor. Because the template editor is designed to be beginner-friendly, you won’t have to worry about customizing this template to fit your needs. Creating a donut chart marketing stats template is now easier with this fully-customizable template from Venngage. What are you waiting for? Try it today.