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Create better charts in seconds with the Venngage Chart Maker

Start Creating For Free

Turn your messy data into an engaging chart or graph with the easy-to-use Venngage Chart Maker. Start creating for free right now.

Anyone can create a informative chart with Venngage's Chart Maker

Need to create a quick chart? We can help. With the Venngage Chart Maker you can easily turn a complicated collection of data points into an easy-to-read chart in a few minutes.

With our collection of chart templates anyone can make a professional chart. We have done all the design work upfront, so all you have to do is add your data and share it with the world.

Whether you need a pie chart template to break down the survey data you just collected. A bar chart template to efficiently visualize your different customer segments. A line chart template to illustrate how your revenue has grown over the past few months. Or an organizational chart to show how your company is structured. We can help!

No need to download any special software, sign up for a demo or take a pushy sales call. You can start creating your own custom charts right away. So what are you waiting for?

Make your own chart in a few simple steps:

  1. Select a chart template or data visualization that fits your needs perfectly.
  2. Sign up for the free Venngage Chart Maker with a single click.
  3. Add your data to the chart template or upload a Google Sheet, CSV or XLSX file.
  4. Improve your chart template by adding some eye-catching icons, colors or illustrations.
  5. Download or share your finished chart with your team, or the world.

Upgrade your data with a chart template by:

Picking the right chart template

With the Venngage Chart Maker you can pick from a variety of traditional & business focused chart templates.

Importing your data

Save some time while creating your chart by directly importing a Google Sheet, CSV or XLSX file.

Adding descriptive icons

Bring attention to important parts of your charts with our library of 40,000+ icons & illustrations.

Using your brand colors, logos & fonts

Automatically add your brand colors, logos and more to any chart template with our Brand Kit tool.

Create a variety of professional & creative charts

Turn your boring, complicated or messy data into an easy-to-read chart with our various chart templates.

To make it even easier to create a quick chart, our designers have already made sure the fonts match, the colors work well together and the spacing is perfect in each template. That means you can add your data with one click, and have a new chart in a few seconds.

Take growth projections from a spreadsheet and turn them into an accessible line chart. Turn massive chunks of survey data into a simple pie chart. Break down a multi-layered process with a flow chart. Or simply plot some related data on a classic bar chart

Easily import your data with one click

It doesn't matter if you're working with a small or large set of data, our Chart Maker can handle it. However we know you don't want to manually enter all that data into a chart template.

So we made uploading data to any chart template incredibly easy! With a single click you can upload your data as a Google Sheet, CSV or XLSX file.

Turn your simple chart into an engaging infographic

If you need to explain your data set, findings or unexpected outcomes it might be helpful to turn your chart into an infographic. Thankfully you can add any text, icons, other charts and more from Venngage's collection of visual assets to your chart without leaving the Chart Maker.

Point out an important piece of information with an arrow or circle icon. Explain how you collected the data with some extra text below your chart. And combine a few charts to tell a more complete story of your data.

Additionally, you can easily add any chart to an existing infographic template too!

24/7 chat & customer support

Because we know that you're working at all hours of the day, our support team is available 24/7 to help you out. You can ask them things like how to pick a chart template, how to upload an image or about a thousand other things and they will have an answer.

Plus, our blog and YouTube channel are full of helpful resources that will turn anyone into a chart expert in no time.

Download or share your chart instantly

Once you have finished creating a chart you can share it directly from the Chart Maker with a private link. All it takes is a single click to share it with your team or your whole company.

You can also download your chart from the Chart Maker just as easily as a PNG, PDF or interactive PDF.


How do I download a Venngage Chart?

You can download your new chart, from the Chart Maker as a PNG, PDF or Interactive PDF with a few clicks. Or share it with a private link from the Chart Maker

How much does Venngage cost ?

Anyone can start creating a chart for free to share with the world. But there are some higher level data visualization features that are only included in our Premium ($19/month) and Business ($49/month) subscriptions.

What type of chart templates does Venngage have?

We have a huge collection of well designed chart templates that our professional designers are always adding to. Including line charts, bar charts, organizational charts, pie charts, flow charts, venn diagrams and a lot more!

Not a designer? No problem! Anyone can create an amazing chart with the Venngage Chart Maker!