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Gay Rights World Map

Gay Rights World Map

Provide clear information on laws protecting LGBT+ with this Gay Rights World Map.

It’s common knowledge that every country in this world has its own set of laws. What’s illegal in one country may not be illegal in another. This is also the reason there are different laws protecting the rights of the members of the LGBT+ community in each country. Memorizing all this information can be a tad bit overwhelming especially if you’re not a fan of technical writing. One way this can be addressed is by creating a Gay Rights World Map. People can get the information they need in an instant, and they don’t need to read long articles to do so. It’s difficult to figure out how to create a Gay Rights World Map when you’re a graphic design rookie. There are so many things that you want present on the map that at some point eliminating what’s not necessary becomes a challenge. That’s where this template from Venngage comes in handy. You can edit the design elements present on this template. But, to do that, you need to sign up for a free Venngage account first. This won’t take

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