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10+ Case Study Infographic Templates That Convert

Written by: Jessie Strongitharm

Nov 04, 2022

case study infographic

If someone handed you a dense case study, odds are you wouldn’t read it right away. You might glance at it, flip through a couple pages, then put it aside for later.

With traditional multi-page case studies, this is the usual sequence of events.

But case study content doesn’t have to be as demanding as the text-heavy documents of yesteryear. By combining simple graphic design principles and stunning data visualizations, you can create a case study infographic that engages and converts.

So today, I’m going through 10+ case study infographic templates you can use to market your business and get those conversions climbing. But first, some context…

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What is a case study?

A case study is a document that analyzes people, events, operations and processes.

While a variety of industries and sectors use them — such as business, medical, scientific, political and social scientific fields — all share the common goal of providing an in-depth look at how a complex issue or real-life scenario was impacted by specific actions.

Check out the image below for a quick summary:

case study infographic

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Why do people dislike reading case studies?

Despite offering great insights, conventional case studies are known to elicit many-a-yawn and groan. Here’s why…

They’re too long

Spoiler alert: a massive wall of text does not make for an enjoyable reading experience. Your audience probably has to read through enough technical docs in their day-to-day work, so why would they waste their time and attention on your long-winded lessons? 

The bottom line: your target market’s time is more valuable than ever. Meaning, you have SECONDS to grab their attention, make an impression and entice them to read whatever it is you have to say. So a dense technical document probably isn’t the best approach.

They’re hard to understand

Ever heard the expression, “Explain it to me like I’m five?” 

case study infographic

It runs parallel to a best practice when it comes to marketing something to the general populace: write your text so someone with a fifth grade reading level would understand. 

It’s not because your audience won’t understand your content (most, given the proper motivation, will be able to after a few read-throughs). But your audience has a limited amount of time and plenty of easygoing content to consume as an alternative. So why wouldn’t they? 

The formatting can get confusing quickly

Let’s say your audience actually gives your case study a chance. The first page may be easy enough, provided your scope is quickly understandable. However, once you include figures, charts and footnotes into the fray, your case study can quickly devolve into a statistical nightmare.

While confusing formatting is unintentional in most case studies, a single incident of uncertainty or strain has the power to push people away. Again, they’ll stop trying and move on to something easier to understand.

Unclear data visualizations abound

The goal of data visualizations (i.e. charts and graphs) is to tell a story with your data, and make important facts and figures much easier to digest, retain and understand. Look no further than this infographic to see why: 

case study infographic

 But including too many or forgetting to label key sections, and you’ll end up creating an experience that hurts, not helps, your cause. What’s more, doing so detracts from the whole point of using data to underscore your story. 

I just dozed off… what was that again?

Finally, case studies elicit a general lack of empathy from the public due to associations with any number of unpleasant experiences. This might include dealing with case studies during their academic studies, or just the general lack of attention span we all deal with these days.

So…what’s the solution? 

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Why a case study infographic is your key to captivating and converting readers

All of the above can be a recipe for disaster for your case studies. But don’t take that as a reason to write them off altogether! 

Instead, use an infographic for your case study needs. Like this business infographic below:

case study infographic

As a part of your communication strategy, infographics offer a creative solution for presenting what could otherwise be dry data or insights, keeping readers — and potential customers — engaged by enticing combination of text and images.

And they supercharge your storytelling, employing the same principles known for boosting learning and information by up to 400% percent

So a case study infographic is your secret weapon against audience fatigue. Without further ado, let’s take a look at 10 case study infographics that’ll get you readership and results.

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10 engaging case study infographic examples and templates 

Now that you understand what factors can spoil the persuasive power of conventional case studies, let’s get you on the right track. I promise you the case study infographics below will effortlessly engage your audience and boost your conversion rate to boot. 

And they’re easy to customize: just choose any template, sign up for a free account and use Venngage’s drag-and-drop editor to swap out any of the assets you see in seconds. 

Training and development case study infographic template

case study infographic

First, check out this bold training and development case study. By using creative layout choices, crisp iconography and a punchy color palette, viewers will be able to effortlessly absorb how a person (or business)’s problem was alleviated using your product, business, strategy etc. 

Note how this infographic follows the typical format of a business case study. There’s a(n):

  • Overview of the case study
  • Background information on the individual (or business) involved 
  • A section discussing the main problem to be solved
  • A section about the solution, or intervention, used
  • A summary of the results
  • A call-to-action/closing statement

And yes, I know we’re tooting our own horn with this template. But remember: you can edit anything you see to be 100% your own with Venngage’s visual editor. (This would also be a neat graphic to repurpose for social media promotion purposes.)


Twitter case study infographic template

case study infographic

This infographic template employs a hybrid layout and color palette containing both contrasting and complementing hues to highlight the results. Negative space and bold graphics emphasize the information in different sections of this design, making them easier for readers to digest at a glance.

Another cool feature? It leads with results. This is a smart tactic that ensures your first impression counts — especially if there’s huge figures to grab the audience’s attention.

Lifetime value infographic template

case study infographic

This case study is perfect if you’re discussing a topic that needs lots of data to back it up. For example, if you’re spearheading a complex subject like Lifetime Value.

Note how this case study employs a pared-down palette and plenty of data visualizations to back up each point. The stylistic choices, like the drop shadow on the graphs, help the information stand out too. 

If you’re not gung-ho for the green in this data infographic, remember you can swap out the colors for ones of your choosing. Looking to keep your branding consistent? Automatically add your brand colors to your infographic with Venngage’s My Brand Kit.

Orange content marketing case study template

case study infographic

This two-page infographic case study template may seem simple enough. Especially since there’s limited iconography and a duo tone palette. 

But it packs a ton of information by utilizing these stylistic elements to break up the content into defined sections. The icons also work to create a focal point, instantly drawing viewers’ eyes to the results — exactly the action any marketer would want.

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Red SAAS business case study template

case study infographic

What do readers hate about a wall of text? Well, having a huge block of black lines can force them to have to re-read earlier passages. And with no added visual interest, the process becomes a snooze.

Thankfully, this template makes any text-heavy case study more exciting by employing a few simple graphic design tricks: a vibrant background commands attention off the bat, and the white elements draw the eye to key components on each page.

 What’s more, the varying layouts sparks renewed interest with each page. And there’s space for a data visualization too! 

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Social media business case study template

case study infographic

The best part of using an infographic is that it gives your case studies flow by using design elements to create a visual hierarchy, which is essential to retain your audience’s interest.

Here, relevant visuals help illustrate each point. There’s also ample room to provide quotes and add a dimension of social proof to your case study.

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Blue content marketing case study template

case study infographic

For a more minimalistic approach, look no further. This case study template highlights key data with impressive icons. It also condenses all the text components down to a few sentences of varying lengths along with bullet points for easy, engaged reading. 

Coral content marketing case study template

case study infographic

Clear, defined layouts give readers an easy-to-understand overview, allowing them to pick out one topic and move to the next without missing the point. This is especially important in this day and age, where most people are likely to skim through the document first before digging deeper into the sections they care about. 

A content marketing infographic template like this one does this well. It breaks up the text content with white backed sections, while purposeful pops of blood orange keep things interesting throughout. 

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Lead generation business case study template

case study infographic

For something a little different, check out this template (and the next). 

This case study’s two column layout reads almost like a resume, which makes sense considering the subject is a person. The section on the left provides a concise overview of background information and a direct quote, while the right provides a longer explanation before discussing the strategy and results

Finally, the tonal teal color scheme ties all components together. 

Simple blue business case study template

case study infographic

Want to use the same dual section format for a business instead? Then this template’s the one for you.

By using font size, colors and shapes to highlight data, and by housing the company’s profile in a separate column, this case study makes it a breeze for readers to pick out the information they’re after.

While the leftmost section takes up the company’s goals and objectives with their operation, the right side provides ample space to explain your methodology and results in a visual-oriented way. 

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Win customers over without fail with case study infographics

Visual storytelling is the key to creating excellent case studies your audience will actually want to read.

By using these tips and easy-to-edit templates, you’ll be able to engage any audience, deliver your message as desired and drive up conversions while you’re at it.

Not a graphic design ingenue or infographic layout legend? No problem.

With Venngage, you can choose from a huge selection infographic case study templates and swap in your own content in a snap. Then share, download, send and print, and you’re ready to make your case. 

About Jessie Strongitharm

Jessie Strongitharm is a Content Marketer & Writer at Venngage. A quick-witted wordsmith whose passions lie in strategic storytelling (see also: excessive alliteration), Jessie's background in psychology, new media communications and B2B SaaS marketing informs the copy she crafts for Venngage's audience.