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How to Build Communication Strategies in Business Using Infographics

Written by: Cristian Oana

Sep 24, 2021

How to Build Communication Strategies in Business Using Infographics Blog Header

All living things on this earth are dependent on effective communication. In the professional sphere, effective communication can make or break a company.

Human civilization grew because we learned a shared language and became adept at properly communicating our ideas and visions.

The same is true when it comes to businesses. Communicating strategy is very important in every facet of any organization.

And infographics can help businesses communicate better.

Haven’t created infographics before? No problem! With Venngage’s infographic templates, you don’t need design experience to create powerful business infographics.

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Why are communication strategies in business important?

For a business to meet its vision and goals and maximize its productivity, it will need to have seamless communication running through its veins.

We need to effectively communicate with our teams, employees, and peers. The same can be said with our customers, clients, and partners.

Effective communication will ensure that your business will run smoothly for years to come.

Here’s an example of an infographic that communicates terms related to diversity and inclusion. Sharing this with leadership and employees will help foster a more comfortable work environment.

Diversity and Inclusion Terminology Infographic Template

Let’s find out more about successful business strategies, shall we?

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What are examples of communication strategies?

Business communication is pretty hard to pin down to one aspect. This is because it comes in many forms and touches on a large part of the business’s day-to-day operations.

Basically, business communication is divided into two categories: internal and external.

Internal communication allows information to flow. It also fosters conversations that keep businesses running.

For example, this project timeline infographic aligns entire teams, both internally and externally.

Project Plan Timeline Infographic

Different departments, teams, supervisors, managers, and executives are involved in these internal processes.

Additionally, external communication is how a business effectively talks and relays information to customers and clients.

Think of this as how you effectively communicate with people outside the confines of your company’s day-to-day operations.

Many tools, such as business phone systems and others can be used to fortify your various business communication strategies. One of them is through infographics, like this nonprofit strategy plan infographic below.

Nonprofit Strategic Plan Infographic Template

When we talk about business communication plan examples, we are dealing with various specific strategies that make up a whole. This is to make sure that the company’s communication is seamless and effective.

With Venngage for Business, multiple team members can collaborate in real time to create business designs.


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How can infographics help boost effective communication?

So how can infographics help your business communication strategies? Here are the top reasons why!

1. Presenting new ideas

Businesses thrive on idea exchange. Without this, businesses won’t be able to grow and will risk stagnation.

The popular video game company Nintendo used to make playing cards. But when the market started drying out, they had to pivot and adapt. Today, Nintendo is a billion-dollar video game-centric company.

How can companies convince investors and CEOs to pivot to new strategies? This is where infographics come in.

An information infographic template, like this example, is a great choice for new concepts. This type of infographic can be divided into different sections that all have headers.

Simple ADDIE Model Infographic Template

This is where you can dissect each aspect of your new product, and you can highlight their best points.

2. Making decisions

Whether big or small, decision-making happens all the time within companies. Some decisions are crucial, while others are pretty inconsequential.

At the end of the day, how your company makes decisions is an overall important aspect of how things will fare.

Nike decided to risk investing their future in a young NBA rookie straight out of North Carolina. He ended up with six NBA championships and is universally considered the basketball GOAT.

On the flip side, it nearly ended for Coca-Cola when they made the decision to change their century-old formula.

Making decisions becomes easier when you use infographics to visualize your ideas. Take inspiration from this marketing metrics infographic that uses visual learning techniques.

Colorful Marketing Metrics Infographic

Making the right decision impacts businesses. That is why these decisions should be made with a clear understanding of all the possible factors, scenarios, and outcomes.

Decisions are easier when you want to communicate data, sales projection, market, and competitors’ stats.

Again, infographics can really help here.

Venngage has statistical infographic templates that allow presenters to easily add charts and icons that relay numerical information. Emphasize key data with Venngage templates is a breeze.


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3. Customer journey

What are examples of communication strategies that focus on the customer? Well, I can tell you one of the most effective ones, and that is properly relaying the customer journey.

The customer journey is simply all the touchpoints someone undergoes in your company that take them from being a prospect into a customer.

Let’s say Bill sees an ad banner of your product, which would trigger a series of events that should end in him buying that product.

On the other hand, a customer’s journey could end when one of those touchpoints is ineffective or hits a snag.

A customer journey infographic, like this example, will ensure that teams understand the touchpoints for their customers.

Customer Journey Infographic Template

It is important that employees understand the customer journey completely. Sales and marketing teams need this so they can better communicate with customers.

Operations also need this so they know where exactly they need to improve the customer’s experience.

Customer journey maps are amazing when dealing with customer journeys. This template allows you to map out with descriptive details all the potential touchpoints of a customer.

Online Social Event Planning Infographic Template

Think about a pirate’s treasure map where you follow a path that ends up with a chest of gold. It is not very much different from a customer journey map. Easier to follow, right?

You can also send someone to follow your customer wherever he goes inside your store and log everything down. But that would be downright creepy.

4. Training your people

When it comes to communicating business strategy to employees, nothing comes close to a good training presentation.

Without training them properly, how can you expect your employees to foster good communication? How would they know the protocols? An infographic like this example would be the perfect solution.

Pandemic Sanitation Tips Informational Infographic Template

How will they know whom to speak to for certain situations? How will they even know which communication channels are appropriate for their concerns?

The answer is to create a training program that addresses all these concerns. And make sure to use plenty of infographics.


Because infographics are visual storytellers. It will be easier for you to relay information using various templates for your employees because people naturally learn easier using visuals.

Use lots of icons to represent things, shapes to highlight numbers, and charts and graphs to illustrate data, such as in this example.

Creative Design Process Infographic Template

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Business communication strategy infographic templates

Looking for more business communication plan examples? Venngage has you covered. Below are the top templates that will make communicating your strategy easier.

Communication strategy infographic template

Want to align your entire team but don’t have the time to sit through meetings? This 5-step framework is easy to follow, even at a glance.

Framework For Communicating Strategy Infographic Template

By using icons, the infographic makes it easier to differentiate each point. The sections also include key takeaways and questions to be answered.

You can easily customize this template in the Venngage editor. Make the design your own by adding your branding.

Use Venngage’s My Brand Kit to import your logos, fonts and brand colors into the editor.


Once your branding has been imported into the editor, use the Autobrand feature to add your branding to all designs with a single click.


Decision-making table template

As we’ve mentioned already, making decisions can be crucial to building a business. But when you have multiple decisions to make, coming to the right conclusion can be a challenge.

A template like this one streamlines the decision-making process so teams and managers can reach the right decision every time.

Key Medical Risk Principles Decision Table Template

Demographic infographic template

Statistics can be overwhelming. You don’t want to present a large amount of data in paragraphs of text. It is more likely that the intended audience won’t even read the report.

But if you use a statistical infographic like the one below, you can engage your audience.

Demographic Infographic Template

Why does this infographic work? It uses icons, stats, pictograms, and images. The reader doesn’t have to work too hard to understand the information. The visuals do the work for them.

In the Venngage editor, you can access over 40,000 icons. Easily replace icons by double-clicking the one you want to replace. Search for the icon of your choice and swap it in.


Process infographic template

There are numerous business processes that need to be followed. This ensures smooth workflow within the company, and with external parties.

But it can be difficult to remember all the steps in business processes. That’s where a process infographic template like this can come in handy.

5 Step to Make an Infographic Template

You can quickly customize the infographic to communicate a variety of processes and strategies to your team.

Planning process infographic example

One of the biggest reasons to communicate business strategy to employees is when new plans fall into place.

Employees need to feel like they are part of the building process of the company. The best way to help everyone feel aligned is a business plan infographic like this one.

Planning Process Infographic Template

Talk the talk! Use infographics to build better communication strategies in business

Effective communication is crucial for a successful business. If the communication is good, work becomes easier and customer satisfaction shoots up. If it is bad? Well, slowly the ship will sink into the abyss.

That is why it is essential that you employ a business communication plan. It allows your company to ensure that all communication needs are clear and easily met.

Don’t forget to make it even easier by employing infographics to aid you with those strategies.

Infographics help us relay numerical and factual data in a more concise and entertaining manner.

It allows us to absorb complex ideas and thoughts by presenting them in a more digestible format. It’s the easy way to teach and one of the most effective ways to take in information.

This way, you will always win the communications game.

With Venngage, you can build powerful communication strategies that help your business grow.