9 Engaging Process Infographic Template Examples

By Sara McGuire, Jun 30, 2017

process infographic template

Communication is key. Especially when it comes to important processes.

The problem is, it can be hard to get people to listen. How many times have you sent out an email updating your team about changes to a current process, only to find people have ignored it?

Or how many questions have you received from clients about a process that you thought you had communicated already?

It’s not that most people don’t care. Sure, maybe some of them don’t. But in most cases, people probably skimmed the text and missed information, found the information too confusing or complicated, or looked at the information but got distracted by other things.

How can you get people to pause for a few minutes and really absorb information about a process?

A process infographic.

Process infographics engage readers and summarize key information. 

A process infographic template is perfect for visualizing:

  • Business processes
  • Marketing strategies
  • New employee onboarding
  • Customer onboarding
  • Customer journey maps
  • Product guides
  • Recipes
  • And a whole lot more…

But you might be thinking: I don’t know where to start when it comes to visualizing a process! It can be hard to wrap your head around.

We have assembled 7 engaging, easy to use process infographic templates. You can customize these templates to create your own beautiful designs!


1. Simple checklist infographic template.

Sure, you could use boring bullet point lists. But why not use some colorful icons instead? Icons illustrate concepts and help make points more memorable.

process infographic template

2. Journey map template.

Are you concerned that a process has too many steps to include in just one infographic? Here’s a tip: using a “snake” or “road map” layout allows you to compress a bunch of steps into a one-page process infographic.

Line and arrows offer visual cues to readers, making it very easy to follow each step in consecutive order. Clearly label each step so readers can quickly scan the infographic for specific steps.

process infographic template

3. Recipe infographic template.

Have you ever tried out a new recipe, only for the final product to be…not what you expected? It’s always disappointing. If you’re sharing recipes with other people, you probably want to make the recipe as easy to follow as possible.

Here’s a nifty #CookingHack: use an infographic to illustrate a recipe!

process infographic template

4. Cyclical process infographic template.

Some processes are a cycle that you repeat over time. But it’s easy to complete a process once and feel like it’s over and done with. In cases where a process is cyclical, an infographic is an effective way to reinforce that idea.

Number each step and include an illustrative icon to give them extra impact.

process infographic template

5. Mind map infographic template.

Certain processes don’t have a specific order that steps need to be carried out in. It can be especially easy to miss important parts of the process in those cases. A mind map process infographic helps keep all key parts of a process top-of-mind.

process infographic template

6. Step by step process infographic template.

Even if a step by step process is fairly straightforward, an infographic can help reinforce key information. Clearly number and label each step in the process. Colorful number icons help make each step pop.

process infographic template 3

7. Road map infographic template.

Infographics offer visual motivators to readers. Using a road map layout can help nudge people to progress through each step. Have fun with the design–making the design look like a board game can make a daunting process seem more inviting.

process infographic template

8. Social media infographic template.

Is there a helpful process that you want to reach a wide audience? Short infographics are better optimized for social media than long infographics (excluding Pinterest infographics).

Social media infographics are typically shorter, with only a few key pieces of information. Use big fonts and icons to make your infographic pop out from someone’s feed.

process infographic template

9. Flow chart infographic template.

Some processes have more than one route you can take, depending on the situation. A flow chart show the different paths that readers can take.

Flow charts can be a bit complicated to plot. Sketch out a rough draft of your flow chart infographic first, before you begin creating.

process infographic template


Need a bit more help getting started? Check out our in-depth guide on how to create infographics.

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