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Workflow infographic template

Workflow infographic

Workflow infographic template creation is made easy with Venngage's online template creator.

A workflow infographic is a design that visually presents the process flow of one or more activities. It can be created by using text, images, and/or both. A workflow infographic helps make any workflow easy to follow and accessible for everyone. If you're working with your team on content marketing strategy, an editorial calendar will help keep all of you on track while still giving each other room to explore new ideas. And if you're launching a campaign to attract new customers, smart goal-setting should be included in your strategy from day one! All these things take work and time so it's important to identify what kind of marketing plan will work best for your team. The workflow infographic template will allow you to create an engaging, compelling, and effective workflow process. What's more, it will be customized according to your specific workflow. The workflow infographic template created by venggage uses a variety of chart types to inform the user on how workflow is done. For example, include a workflow process map as well as a workflow diagram, along with some icons and color palettes that can be changed. This allows for those who are needing an infographic template to have their information shown in a creative and dynamic way. Venngage's Infographic Creator is easy to use. All you have to do is choose your infographic template, add charts and images and text boxes within the editor. No design experience is needed. Every type of object on the canvas can be edited by tapping it and selecting categories such as colors, fonts and sizes. To get started, click create and you'll be able to sign up for a free account and start using the online editor. Click on an empty square to insert an image, chart, map or text box onto the canvas. To edit the size of the objects on the canvas, select them by tapping their white borders and pinch to zoom. Click on the text to edit. You can also change the font, color or size of the text by clicking on it and selecting the relevant category. To move the text box around your infographic, tap it and drag it where you want to place it. You can use Venngage’s infographic maker to create your infographic from scratch or add text, photos, graphs and more to an existing template with just a few clicks. If you want a little help with your text, you can use Venngage’s Textualizer to make your copy look better when it’s in Infographic format. You can write in normal words or add any ready-to-use phrases from Venngage’s library. You can also download each individual piece of content in its own file format. After you’ve created your infographic, it’s time to share and promote. Use the Share & Download button in the bottom right corner of the editor to save a high-res version to your account. One of the advantages of creating workflow infographics is that they can be used for organization and education purposes. They provide a way to organize your thoughts and complete complex tasks in a simple manner that anyone can understand. Workflow infographics also help to take some of the mystery out of what people do every day at work. Template dimensions: 1056x1632 px You can easily customize dimensions for any Venngage infographic if you need them resized. You can edit the dimensions manually or use the page resize option, both found under settings in the editor. Available formats: PNG, PDF, HD PNG, Interactive PDF, HTML (for email), and more! Different formats for the infographic are available to export and download. With each format you receive a full vector image, without any compromises.