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10 Content Marketing Infographics for Your Strategy

Written by: Letícia Fonseca

Oct 22, 2021

10 Content Marketing Infographics For Your Strategy Blog Header

Visuals are considered useful in informing, entertaining, and expressing emotions. Hence, the emergence of content marketing infographics.

There are numerous benefits to using infographics in digital marketing. Infographics are versatile and use engaging images and visuals to communicate information in content marketing campaigns.

From government agencies to business organizations, digital marketers use infographics as an effective tool to convey complex information in a much more presentable and digestible way.

You can create effective and beautiful infographics even without design experience with Venngage’s infographic maker. Choose from thousands of templates and customize them to tell your brand story.

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What is an infographic in content marketing?

A digital marketing infographic is a graphic visual representation that communicates complex information or data in a quick yet clear manner.

Businesses create infographics to increase brand awareness and credibility, generate leads and increase online sales, and expand their customer base.

For example, this infographic on diversity and inclusion terminology would be a great visual to share on social media platforms.

Diversity and Inclusion Terminology Infographic Template

Engaging visuals help educate users faster without taking up too much of their time.

The headers and icons create a good flow so the infographic is easier to follow. Making the information bite-sized makes readers keener to stay engaged with the visual content.

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What are the benefits of infographics in content marketing?

Every content marketer’s goal is to build an effective content marketing strategy.

One way to do that is to design extraordinary visual content for different social media platforms or for the occasional blog post.

This is where infographics can prove to be useful, especially in turning complex data into engaging content marketing materials.

Even a simple colorful infographic, like this example, would be a great way to engage audiences.

Simple Infographic

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A digital marketing infographic can tell stories

An infographic can tell a story through numerical data, charts, and photos.

Although we want to have a visually pleasing infographic, the main goal is to present relevant data in a clear and accurate manner.

To design an engaging content marketing infographic, aim for balance in the use of charts, diagrams, text, and other visual elements.

This climate change infographic uses icons to draw the eye. It also makes the message clear even without reading the text.

Climate Change Infographic Template


A stunning infographic can be an effective attention-grabbing tool

Human beings are visual creatures, which means we are inclined toward visual content more than text.

The best infographics in content marketing pair a visually pleasing design with well-written text.

The two go hand in hand to be effective and hold users’ attention as they scroll through their social media channels.

This infographic about remote learning uses colors, bullet points, and icons to hold the audience’s attention. These elements make it easier to read the information and draw the eye down the graphic.

Remote Learning Infographic

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How are infographics used in content marketing?

Infographics are versatile. They can be used in practically every sector in the business world. Here are a few ways infographics are used to effectively implement content marketing strategies.

Infographics raise brand awareness

To increase brand awareness on multiple platforms, add your company logo, website, and relevant business information when creating infographics for content marketing. Leveraging outreach services like Nobsmarketplace at this juncture can play a pivotal role in enhancing brand visibility, enabling a strategic approach to building partnerships and distributing content effectively across diverse channels.

Infographics are shareable and people tend to share captivating visual content on their personal social media channels.

This fun infographic about yawning can be used by brands to educate their audiences while also being entertaining.

Scientific Infographic Template

Even without a background in graphic design, you can customize this template for a variety of purposes.

Plus, with Venngage for business, you can access the My Brand Kit feature. Add your website and the Autobrand tool will automatically download your logo, fonts, and colors.


Once your branding has been added to the editor, changing the color schemes of infographics and designs only takes the click of one button.


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Infographics simplify complex data

When working on content marketing strategies, your primary goal should be to educate your target audience. You can do this by creating a content hub that aligns with their interests.

Infographics come in handy as they simplify difficult concepts by breaking down concepts and dissecting processes into visual bits that are much easier to digest.

Marketing infographics also use data visualization instead of blocks of text to transmit more information at a glance.

Your infographic should be able to tell a story that catches attention and compels readers to take necessary actions.

This infographic on refugees impacted by the pandemic is full of data. But it’s simple to follow because of the pictograms and icons.

Pandemic Impact On Refugee Statistical Infographic Template

For people to understand how immense a struggle refugees face, this template helps visualize extremely large numbers.

The use of a variety of icons and illustrations also makes the scope of the problem palpable. This infographic is data-driven and factual, but it manages to be impactful, as well.

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Infographics boost emailing efforts

Both email and content marketing approaches work hand in hand to steer traffic, generate more leads, convert them into clients and customers, and increase overall engagement.

For example, this infographic on working from home would be an ideal email to send to subscribers. Its vertical shape makes it easy to view on mobile devices.

Work From Home Infographic

Transitioning out of jobs has been on the rise since the COVID-19 pandemic hit. It has been quite a challenge for many.

Sharing some tips with this customizable marketing infographic template will help improve click-through rates.  Its bright gradient color palette and icons help communicate the positive content.

Infographics can level up your email game. Instead of sending a text-based email, you can improve click-through rates by sending an infographic with engaging visuals instead.

Remember to share the link for the blog post along with the email infographic.

Break up chunks of text with the diverse icons available from the Venngage library. Icons make the infographic easier for readers to relate to.

diverse-icons-new nav

With Venngage’s easy-to-edit infographic templates, businesses can spend less time designing visuals and more time turning potential customers into loyal ones.

Infographics fortify existing content

Every ounce of effort put into creating high-quality content needs to be worthwhile. This is where a good infographic for content marketing comes into play.

To maximize an infographic’s impact on users, divide an infographic for a blog post into smaller versions for social media channels.

Nonprofit Statistic Instagram Post

This Instagram post could be part of a bigger infographic that shares more statistics. An entire infographic can’t be shared on social platforms, but small sections can.

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Content marketing infographic templates to boost your content marketing strategy

For your content marketing strategy, take inspiration from these easily customizable and stunning infographic templates.

Demographic infographic template

Have a lot of statistics to share in a report or with your audience? This demographic infographic template has you covered.

Demographic Infographic Template

With pictograms, icons, charts, and images, this template is the complete package when you have a lot of data to share.

The colors and hues can be adjusted for your brand using the My Brand Kit function to make the infographic your own.

Safety infographic template

Safety Infographic

This is an example of a content marketing infographic that can easily be divided up for various social media platforms.

Each separate header can be a separate post, with a link for users to view the entire graphic on your website.

Easily swap out the icons for the message you want to convey. And you can change the background colors to suit your brand.

Wellness infographic template

Wellness Infographic

This step infographic template can be shared via email with subscribers.

There are a handful of customizable elements, including icons, text, and numbers. It only takes a few steps to change these to reflect your message.

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FAQs about infographics in content marketing

Can digital marketing infographics only be used for online platforms?

Infographics make it easy to add visual content to a brand’s content marketing strategy.

A content marketing infographic can also be used for offline visual communication, such as in brochures and flyers.

Even in this technological age of social media use, businesses still need to go beyond online marketing by creating print materials for audiences.

Is a marketing infographic be used to boost SEO rankings?

Infographics are used in content marketing not just because they improve brand visibility through aesthetics. They’re also a great tool for digital partnerships in marketing.

For search engine optimization (SEO), infographics can be to increase SERP rankings in Google’s image results.

Marketing infographics, alongside text-based media such as a social media post or blog post, help businesses target keywords they wish to rank for.

Use infographics in your content marketing to grow your audience base

Conveying complex information doesn’t always have to be difficult. Create infographics to educate and entertain your audience.

This will help you improve brand exposure and visualize data to better reach your target market.

With an online graphic design tool like Venngage, you can design infographics even without design experience.

About Letícia Fonseca

Letícia is a Content Marketing Specialist, and she is responsible for the International strategy at Venngage.