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The Infographic Design Report: Trends to Try in 2024

Written by: Krystle Wong

Jan 17, 2024

Infographic Trends to Try in 2024

Tired of the same old bar charts and pie graphs? In 2024, infographic design is taking a bold leap forward.

It’s time to leave behind tired tropes and embrace fresh, innovative approaches. Because this year, it’s all about pushing boundaries and experimenting with new technologies.

Get ready to ditch the data dumps and step into a world of captivating visuals, interactive elements and immersive storytelling.

This report is your ultimate guide to navigating infographic design in 2024.  So, buckle up and prepare to be inspired—trust me, it’s anything but ordinary.

Infographic design trends of 2024:

1. Bold typography
2. Playful layouts
3. Data as illustrations
4. Custom illustrations
5. AI-generated infographics
6. Accessibility for all
7. Interactive infographics

Revisit trends from 2023: Infographic Trends to Try in 2023

The Infographic Design Report: Trends to Try in 2024 Infographic

1. Bold typography

Beyond mere size and weight, bold typography is a multifaceted playground waiting to be explored. It’s about pushing the boundaries of text, transforming it from information carrier to artistic expression. 

Bold typography takes center stage in headlines with oversized styles, unexpected placements and dynamic spacing. Picture playful serifs dancing alongside sleek sans-serifs, all infused with vibrant colors and textures that make them leap off the screen.

Take this infographic by Visual Capitalist on global currencies in 2023 for example, the headline screams attention-grabbing sirens with supersized fonts that instantly grab eyes. 

Global Currencies in 2023 Infographic

Source: Visual Capitalist

A good tip with fonts is to give up being generic and embrace individuality. Select fonts that complement the tone and concept of your infographic. Let the font define the tone of the post. 

Use a fun handwritten font for a humorous topic or a sleek geometric design for a tech-focused article. To ensure that your headlines stand out from the crowd, use vivid colors against backgrounds with strong contrast. 

This career infographic highlights keywords such as “moving to NYC” and “acting career” with bright colors to capture the reader’s attention at first sight. The design also uses different font sizes in the headings to create an information hierarchy to guide readers throughout.

New York Acting Career Tips

But typography is more than just shouting. It also involves telling a story and directing readers through the information and insights in your infographic. 

To establish a hierarchy of information, use a variety of font styles, weights and sizes. Important data points are bolded for emphasis, headlines stand out and subheadings provide direction. 

I love how this infographic presents key metrics side by side – the clear icons and colors make it visually engaging and the varying font sizes ensure I can easily grasp the important points.

Infographic on Social Media Platforms

Source: Leverage

Last but not least, don’t miss the chance to pepper your infographic with potent quotes and actionable calls to action – they’ll leave viewers captivated and wanting more.

2. Playful layouts

Gone are the days of rigid grids and predictable flow. In 2024, the trick is to inject a dose of playful disruption into your infographic layout. Add surprises to your design with unexpected angles, diagonal grids and dynamic compositions.

It’s not just about chaos, though. This playful rebellion is about intentional disruption. By breaking the grid, you create visual intrigue that get viewers to linger and explore. 

Here’s a simple but fun infographic design that break down holiday facts using a Christmas tree layout.

Gradient 5 Christmas Facts

The idea is to picture your infographic as a treasure hunt. Hide data gems throughout to entice viewers on a rewarding journey toward deeper knowledge.

MGL’s Sales Training Infographic guides readers through data points with a clear roadmap. The icons and subheadings makes the process easier to understand for readers.

Sales For Life Training Roadmap Infographic

Source: Behance.net

Unexpected layout choices can also inject humor and surprise. I personally love how Jing Zhang designed these enticing recipe cards.

Burger Recipe Card Infographic

Source: Venngage

Searching for a timeline infographic? Or maybe a comparison chart? Whatever your vision, Venngage’s pre-designed infographic templates are at your beck and call.

All you have to do is register for a free account and you’re all set to ditch the black canvas! 

3. Data as illustrations

Pie charts and bar charts are no longer the only ways to present raw data. In 2024, infographics turn data into visually appealing images.

The possibilities are as varied as the data itself. Imagine butterfly patterns or hummingbird wings representing data flows or climate trends. Let’s look at how data sets the pace for infographics.

U.S. Global Investors simplifies the overview of commodity returns over the past decade. The infographic presents complex data in an easily understandable periodic table format.

The Periodic Table of Commodities Infographic

Source: U.S. Global Investors

Visual Capitalist presented the most populous countries over the past 50 years here. The design uses a running track graph to depict population changes throughout decades.

World's Most Populous Countries Infographic

Source: Visual Capitalist

Data deserves more than words. Infuse it with the vibrant language of color and size. Gradients and scales become your brushstrokes, painting the narrative and revealing hidden depths.

Stuck searching for the perfect chart?  Dive into our vast collection of professionally crafted diagram templates and find the perfect visual match for your data story.

4. Custom illustrations

Infographics now embrace personalized graphics to help tell your unique story and brand.

Custom graphics give your data visualizations individuality and memorability. Think hand-drawn animals for a wildlife infographic or amusing robots for a tech-focused piece.

Some topics would require custom illustrations and drawings for better narrative. Check out this infographic displaying fashion trends over the years.

Customized illustrations facilitate side-by-side comparisons of trends across different decades. Each illustration becomes a mini-time capsule, transporting viewers back to the era.

Fashion Through The Years Infographic

Source: Behance

Or, use this Visual Capitalist infographic on popular cocktails as a design springboard.

Most Popular Cocktails in 2024 Infographic

Source: Visual Capitalist

Oh, and this cute infographic with hand drawn illustrations of pet Halloween costumes that is sure to capture the hears of fur parents.

Halloween Pet Costumes

The good thing about custom illustration is that you have complete control. That way, you ensure the visuals precisely represent your message and target audience.

Need an infographic ASAP? Venngage is your secret weapon. Browse our massive library of free photos and icons or customize a pro infographic template in minutes. Boom, infographic done!

5.  AI-generated infographics

Talking about time saving, 2024 is all about embracing the magical touch of AI. But don’t let the robots steal the show. AI is a powerful collaborator, not a replacement for human creativity. 

Experiment with tools that generate infographic elements based on your data. Explore options for custom AI-powered charts and graphs and use AI to enhance existing layouts and illustrations. 

My secret weapon? Venngage’s AI infographic maker.

Use our AI infographic generator to turn your dry statistics into captivating narratives. Just feed your data to our AI wizard, and witness it morph into infographics that inform, inspire, and captivate.

No design degree needed! Here’s one I created using the generator:

AI Generated Infographic - Tips to Work From Home Efficiently

Whether you’re a data wiz or a visual novice, Venngage’s AI empowers anyone to become an infographic artist.

But always remember to not let AI steal your show. Be sure to curate and personalize every AI-generated element to match your brand voice and ensure accuracy and clarity. AI empowers your creativity, not replaces it.

6. Accessibility for all

Infographics in 2024 are about accessibility and inclusivity as much as aesthetics. 

Prioritize clear and high-contrast colors, along with easy-to-read typography for all viewers. Provide alternative text and ensure accessibility of interactive elements for users with disabilities.

Instagram Infographic

The CDC’s Flu Season infographic is a great example of an easy-to-understand graphic. It effortlessly guides viewers through the information clear sections and bold headings.

Large and easy-to-read font makes it accessible for those with visual impairments. The design also uses vibrant colors to highlight key statistics and health tips.

Fight The Flu Infographic

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Creating an accessible infographic? Here are some guidelines to help you pick accessible colors for your design: 

Accessible Colors 101 Infographic

Still unsure about how to pick the right colors? Venngage’s Accessible Design Tool takes the guesswork out of choosing colors that shine for everyone. Its built-in contrast checker, aligned with WCAG standards, gives instant feedback, ensuring your infographics dazzle every eye.

It also covers all your accessibility testing needs. Automatically check for compliance issues, like contrast, document language, text tags and more.

You can also go the extra mile by making your infographics compatible with screen readers and assistive technologies. Provide downloadable versions in various formats to promote inclusivity in every pixel.

Or, check out Venngage’s range of professionally designed accessible templates that are committed to ensuring that your designs cater to everyone. By embracing accessibility, you ensure that everyone can access and understand the data, welcoming them to the data table.

7. Interactive infographics

Transform static visuals into immersive experiences with dynamic icons. Move beyond the ordinary with hover effects, animations and click-through elements.

Picture charts changing with each click, timelines unfolding step by step and fun quizzes engaging viewers as they explore your data.

This interactive infographic by David McCandless records the world’s biggest data breaches and hacks. Readers can hover for more information or access the news sources of each incident by clicking on it. 

World's Biggest Data Breaches & Hacks Interactive Infographic

Source: Information is Beautiful

Make your interactive infographics more engaging by gamifying the learning experience. Users can twist knobs, zoom through charts and share on social media, turning data into a captivating storytelling journey.

Inspired by a classic board game, this interactive visualization addresses racism in America. It aims to raise awareness and foster empathy through engaging gameplay and data-driven insights.

The Game of Life Interactive Infographic

Source: Behance

Reimagining infographics in 2024

In 2024, be the designer who weaves between data and emotion, gracefully skirting stale conventions and exploring new artistic avenues. 

While these trends offer solid footing, they’re merely springboards to launch you further. Go deeper than just illuminating data – spark curiosity, ignite conversations and watch your infographics ripple beyond screens. 

After all, the true story of infographic design isn’t etched in pixels, but in the hearts and minds it unlocks. So, in 2024, let’s not just inform – let’s transform.

About Krystle Wong

Everyday writer and a weekend baker, Krystle is a content marketer and brand strategist with experience in media, tech and SaaS.