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Free diverse icons you can download today for better representation in your designs


Your audience is diverse, so your designs should be as well. Venngage has a library of over 2,000 diverse icons, illustrations and graphics that you can download or use in one of our professional infographic templates.

When we recognize the diversity in our audiences, we are telling people that we see them.

Using diverse icons in your marketing or corporate communications is a small but meaningful way to show respect to your audience.

Venngage's icon library includes over 2,000 diverse icons and illustrations and over 23,000 icons in total.

Access the library via our free, online editor. Download the icon individually as an image file or add them to one of our 2,600 infographic templates

Don't download an icon bundle that may (or may not) not have what you're looking for. Instead, Venngage gives you access to a diverse icon library that is continually updated.

Plus, access our 6,400 templates to create stunning infographics, posters, timelines, checklists, reports and more.

How to use our 2,000 diverse icons:

  1. Create a free Venngage account using your email, Google or Facebook profile.
  2. Browse our easy-to-edit infographic templates or start from a blank canvas.
  3. Open the Icons tab in the left panel in the editor. Search by keyword or browse categories like People.
  4. Add the icon to your canvas with one click. Our Skin Tone feature lets customize skin tones.
  5. Download your work as an image file (paid plans only), or share it with a private link (free).

Why Venngage is the best choice for diverse icons

2,000+ modern icons in a variety of styles

You may need different icon styles depending on what you're creating. We have both flat and customizable styles.,

6,100+ easy-to-edit templates

Add diverse icons with one click to our easy-to-edit templates, including 2,600+ infographic templates.

Skin tone feature

Our vivid gradient icons feature people from all walks of life engaging in a number of activities

Diverse gradient icons and illustrations

Our vivid gradient icons feature people from all walks of life engaging in a number of activities

Expansive library of 2,000+ diverse icons and illustrations you can download

Venngage's huge icon library is found in its free online editor. Sign up for free to get started.

Then, open a template or blank canvas.

Don't download a random icon bundle. Search our diverse icons library by keyword or category. It's continually updated, too.

Download your diverse icon as a PNG image file, PDF or even PowerPoint file.

Simple Replace Icon feature make it easy to customize infographic templates

Our unique Replace Icon feature makes it simple for you, the non-designer, to customize our templates.

Double-click on any icon on the template you wish to replace. The icon and image libraries tab will appear.

Search for icons by keyword and when you select the icon you want, it replaces the previous icon.

Your icon will match the size and position of the icon you replace. No fussing and stress over resizing and positioning.

Diverse gradient icons for teams

Creating designs for marketing or internal communications? The Venngage for Business plan includes beautiful new diverse gradient icons.

Thse gradient icons are modern and captivating. And as the newest addition to our icon library, we're continuing to add new ones.

These icons feature people from all walks of life doing a number of activities. Get detailed backgrounds, or no background at all. Your choice.

Unique features for team collaboration

Share your design with your team. Let multiple people view a design, edit a design or leave comments. Give your team access to custom, branded templates they can copy and use again and again.

Create a free account now to access 2,000+ diverse icons