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20+ Strategy Infographics for Business Planning, Marketing and Branding

Written by: Jennifer Gaskin

Apr 09, 2021

Strategy Infographic Blog Header

Increasingly, companies are turning to visual content like infographics to engage and inform customers. But visual content isn’t just for external audiences; it’s also ideal for communicating internally. One effective method for ensuring alignment on internal goals is a strategy infographic.

Strategy infographics are a type of business infographics, and they can be used for operations, business development, marketing, HR, social media, branding and more. They can help teams ensure nothing falls through the cracks and they can make it easier to understand connections in planning and decision-making.

That’s because internal audiences are no different from external ones, at least when it comes to the science of visual communications. If your customers respond positively to infographics, chances are your colleagues will, too.

Strategy Infographic LinkedIn Post Template

Layout options that are ideal for strategy infographics include timelines, mind maps, roadmaps and flow charts, though just about any layout type could be effective, depending on your content.

Let’s check out some captivating and informative strategy infographic templates you can customize using Venngage’s Infographic Maker.




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Want to learn more about other types of infographics? Read our blog on the 9 main types of infographics or watch the video below:

Click to jump ahead:

Strategic plan infographic

Strategic planning is one of the primary functions business owners, managers and executives have. It involves defining an organization’s goals and making decisions in order to ensure the business is in a position to reach those goals.

Strategic plan infographics can cover all aspects of this process, from helping team members visualize company goals to understanding how they fit into that process.

Strategy Infographic Template Strategic Financial Plan




Strategy infographics that deal with strategic planning can be broad, touching on all aspects of an organization, or they can be tightly focused, as in this example covering only financial planning.

This simple approach uses varying text weights, mixing bold text and regular text, along with bright colors to give the reader a high-level understanding of a company’s strategic financial plan.

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Let’s look at another example.

Strategy Infographic Strategic Sales Action Plan Template




This strategic plan infographic would be right at home in an internal presentation about the upcoming year’s sales projections. Clear deadlines are set, the goals are stated, and strategies to get there are communicated.

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Not sure how to get started with crafting your strategic plan? Use this guide to help you:

Strategy Infographic Template Elements Successful Nonprofit Plan




Want some more examples for nonprofits? Check out our nonprofit infographic guide to learn how infographics can supercharge your campaign.

Marketing strategy infographic

Marketers probably don’t need too much convincing to use strategy infographics to describe and support their planning and campaigns. But we think there are some templates that can help marketing teams better communicate strategy through infographics.

Strategy Infographic Template Marketing Project Timeline




This example combines a striking visual style with a bar graph. It uses both explanatory content and data visualization to outline the expected workflow of a client’s project. It’s easy to imagine this approach applied to other campaigns and projects, particularly those with a predictable beginning, middle and end.

Strategy Infographic Template Marketing Strategies Mind Map




Marketing strategy infographics can also lean into the theoretical, and examples like the one above are ideal for ensuring that all possible strategies for a successful marketing campaign are being addressed.

A marketing team could use such a template for each individual project, perhaps resizing the circles to indicate which strategies they plan to rely on most heavily.

Business strategy infographic

There can be many reasons for a company to create a strategy infographic covering various aspects of its business strategy, including ensuring new projects are aligned with goals, getting new hires up to speed on the organization and establishing which team members will be involved in a given project.

Strategy Infographic Business Strategy Mind Map Template




This mind map-style layout is a great way to explain to new team members various broad strokes of a business strategy. The modern, sophisticated color palette elevates the bullet point-style content to make it more appealing and easier to understand.

Strategy Infographic Business Strategy 2021 Mindmap




In some cases, business strategy infographics get deep into the details of a plan. In the example above, a mind map is used to explain an organization’s business strategy, with goals, team members, tools and more described in detail.

Digital marketing strategy infographic

Like other marketing strategy infographics, those focused on digital marketing campaigns can be useful for both digital marketing team members as well as clients or customers. They’re ideal for ensuring that everyone is aligned on schedules as well as targets.

Strategy Infographic Modern Marketing Roadmap Template




This roadmap infographic can be customized for any digital marketing strategy, as it includes space for listing goals as well as detailed steps required to achieve those goals.

Strategy Infographic Digital Marketing Brainstorm Mind Map Template




The strategy infographic format is also an ideal method for organizing the sheer volume of channels involved in the average digital marketing strategy. This template is easily customizable to include the channels and tasks unique to your organization.

Social media strategy infographic

For modern companies, social media has become the primary method of communicating with customers, but different departments in the organization will have very different relationships with social media.

Marketing departments, for example, will need to focus on engagement, while leadership teams may have a more information-gatekeeping relationship with social channels. Also, many companies use social media to engage with employees as well as customers.

Check out this Instagram carousel post template as an example:

Strategy Infographic Muted Marketing Plan Instagram Carousel Post




For the average company, there’s no single social media strategy since the purpose of engaging users through those channels varies by organization or team. However, the heart of a good social media strategy involves first optimizing the company’s presence on all channels, as this social media strategy infographic poster illustrates.

But keeping team members on the same page can be incredibly challenging, especially when it comes to social media channels, as they’re basically always on; in other words, the situation is fluid, and teams must be agile in order to adapt and make the most of their social media presence.

Strategy Infographic Social Media Marketing Plan Presentation Template




Consider translating your social media strategy infographic into a presentation format that’s easily digestible for team members, regardless of their job function. With Venngage’s Infographic Maker, you can customize a template like this and export them for PowerPoint or whatever presentation tool you use.

Content strategy infographic

Crafting effective content strategies involves balancing things like budgets, channel engagement, email open rates and more. As we know, content is everything, and building a content strategy is crucial. Not sure how to get started? Use this content strategy infographic as a guide.

Strategy Infographic Data Driven Content Marketing Template




Content strategy infographics are ideal for use both internally and externally. Particularly for those who create content for other marketers or organizations, content strategy infographics, like the one below, can help build your credibility.

Strategy Infographic B2B LinkedIn Content Strategy Best Time To Post




Infographics are also the best way to present findings that you’ve created from implementing and analyzing your content strategy. And you can present them in a traditional, long-format infographic or, like this one, translate it to a presentation.

Strategy Infographic Content Marketing Case Study Presentation Template




Brand strategy infographic

A strong brand doesn’t come about by chance, and organizations spend millions of dollars every year strategizing and implementing changes to their brand identity. This could involve a new logo, color scheme or organizational mission.

The process is not an easy one, and it’s common for the journey to take a wrong turn. But by using a strategy infographic, a branding (or rebranding) process can take a predictable organized route.

Strategy Infographic Company Brand Building Mind Map Template




In this company mind map strategy infographic, stakeholders are encouraged to consider their answers to the questions posed, and important considerations help keep possible end results top of mind.

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Let’s look at another brand strategy infographic:

Strategy Infographic Template Startup Name Mind Map




This mind map layout creates a constellation of startup names and sorts them from effective to, well, not super effective. An approach like this would be perfect not only for companies considering a rebrand or renaming, but for those who want to compare themselves to others in their industry.

Employer branding infographic

HR departments can use infographics to establish and reinforce their brand for team members. This includes nuts and bolts like which font to use in reports to lofty discussions about corporate philosophies.

Strategy Infographic Brand Style Guide Ebook Template




Employer branding infographics, such as this one designed for presentation tools, can put their company story front and center. The first slide with meat on it is the third one, which tells a clear story that is designed to inspire and unite team members. Logos and colors are included, but they’re not the focus.

Strategy Infographic Color Style Guide Palette Template




Employer branding infographics can get even simpler, like this example that amps up utility giving the specific codes and balance for the brand’s color palette.

Not sure how to get started creating your employer brand infographic? Check out this helpful guide:

Strategy Infographic Brand Style Guide Template




Market segmentation infographic

For any organization, it’s vital to understand your target market. Who are they? What are the problems you can solve for them? How do you reach them? You’ll use the answers to those questions as the foundation of any decision.

Market segmentation helps you paint a picture in your mind’s eye of your ideal customer.

Strategy Infographic Business Strategy Marketing Roadmap Template




This market segmentation infographic template can be customized for any segment of your market (or a potential future market). It includes objectives, as well as laying out specific strategies for reaching the target markets.

Strategy Infographic Market Segmentation Report Template




In addition to planning out your market segmentation strategies using infographics, they’re also an ideal way to report notable findings to internal audiences. Injecting hard numbers into the conversation helps ensure you’re reacting to real-world conditions rather than your dream scenario.

In summary: Consider a strategy infographic for planning, monitoring and analyzing virtually any business process or department

Infographics aren’t just ideal ways to engage your readers through the use of visual content. They’re also a perfect method for planning, organizing and measuring the results of things like marketing campaigns, strategic plans or rebrands.

Strategy infographics are excellent tools for when you have data to report, but they’re also effective when the goal is making sure teams are organized and aligned on specific goals.

All the planning in the world won’t do much good if your team members aren’t all working toward the same goal. And using infographics to develop and communicate your strategy will ensure people are engaged, informed and inspired to make your plans a reality.

Start creating your own strategic infographics for free with Venngage’s drag-and-drop editor and hundreds of easy-to-edit templates.




About Jennifer Gaskin

A veteran of newsrooms and agencies, Jennifer Gaskin is a writer, editor and designer who is the only living person not to have strong feelings on the Oxford comma. She's an award-winning practitioner of journalism and information design who spent the better part of a decade as the creative director of a digital marketing shop. As a writer, Jennifer contributes to a variety of publications while working with clients as well as taking on her own projects.