9 Infographic Templates to Help You Present Data Visually

By Sara McGuire, Jul 07, 2017

present data visually

You know what the problem is with basic charts, tables, and visuals made in PowerPoint or Excel?

The snooze factor.

How many dry reports have you had to read? How many yawn-inducing presentations have you had to sit through?

Probably one too many. If that’s the case, you are probably reluctant to be the one delivering a page with flat charts and cheesy clip art. Especially if you’re someone who wants to be creative and innovative.

An outdated PowerPoint slide just doesn’t scream innovation.

A lot of Venngage users have told us that they are always looking for ways to present data visually. They want their data to have impact. After all, for people in marketing, analytics and education roles, getting their audience to understand the significance of their information is crucial.

You’ve put in the time and effort to collect your data. It would be a shame for people to ignore it.

That’s why we have hand-picked these infographic templates to help you present data visually and to give it that much-needed wow factor.


1. Tell a story with your data

Behind every set of data, there’s a story. An infographic is the perfect medium for telling a story with your data. Infographics give you the space to combine data and narrative structure in one page. Visuals like icons and bold fonts let you highlight important statistics and facts.

This infographic template shows how you can highlight key statistics using icons, fonts and borders:

present data visually


2. Combine different types of data visualizations

Variety is the spice of life. This is especially true when you’re looking for ways to present your data visually! Why stick to just one type of chart when you can mix it up? Don’t be afraid to combine charts, pictograms, and diagrams in one infographic. The result will be an infographic that is engaging and rich in visually data.

This infographic templates combines multiple types of charts, pictograms, and images to engage readers:

present data visually


3. Use icons to emphasize important points

Icons are perfect for attracting the eye when scanning a page. If there are specific data points that you want readers to pay attention to, placing an icon beside it will make it more noticeable. You can also pair icons with headers to indicate the beginning of a new section.

This infographic template uses icons like bullet points to emphasize and illustrate important points:

present data visually

4. Use bold fonts to make text information engaging

Even if you have a lot of text information, you can still create present data visually. Use bold, interesting fonts to make your data exciting. Just make sure that, above all else, your text is still easy to read. As a general rule of thumb, stick to no more than three different font types in one infographic.

This infographic uses one font for headers, another font for body text, and a third font for accent text:

present data visually

5. Pick colors that make your points pop

If you want people to pay attention to your pay, pick colors that will grab their attention. Use light colored text and icons on dark backgrounds to make them stand out. Consider the mood that you want to convey with your infographic and pick colors that will reflect that mood.

This infographic template uses a bold combination of pinks and purples to give the information impact.

present data visually


6. Show hows parts make up a whole

It can be difficult to break a big topic down into smaller parts. A visual medium like an infographic can make it a lot easier for people to conceptualize how parts make up a whole. Using one focus visual, diagram or chart can convey parts of a whole more effectively than a text list can.

This infographic templates uses one focus visual to illustrate the nutritional make up of a banana:

present data visually

7. Focus on one amazing statistic

If you are preparing a presentation, it’s best not to try and cram too many visuals into one slide. Instead, focus on one awe-inspiring statistic and make that the focus of your slide. Use one focus visual to give the statistic even more impact. Smaller visuals like this are ideal for sharing on social media.

This template focus on one key statistic and offers some supporting information int he bar on the side:

present data visually

8. Optimize your infographic for mobile

Complex, information-packed infographics are great for spicing up reports, blog posts, hand outs, and more. But they’re not always the best for mobile viewing. To optimize your infographic for mobile viewing, use one focus chart or icon and big, legible font. You can create a series of mobile-optimized infographics to share multiple data points in a super original and attention-grabbing way.

This infographic uses concise text and one chart to cut to the core message behind the data:

present data visually

9. Replace bullet points with icons

Looking at a list of statistics can make you go cross-eyed. Icons are more interesting to look at than bullet points and they serve the dual purpose of illustrating your points. For each statistic in a list, pick an icon that reflects the theme of the statistic.

This infographic uses icons to enhance each statistic in the list:

present data visually

Need a bit more help getting started on your infographic? Read our in-depth guide, Infographics For Beginners: The Ultimate Guide.

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