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Educational Flyer Template

Education Flyer Template

Educate your audience on a number of topics using our educational flyer template.

By Venngage Inc.
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Essential Info is a simple educational flyer template that focuses on one topic to provide the most relevant and helpful information. Whether you want to highlight the features of a product or answer a question for your target audience, do it easily and effectively with this template. To start, upload an image relevant to your topic or explore our stock-photo library to find what you need. Rather than crop an image, just frame it with the image frame function. This simple educational flyer template focuses on the various nutrients, minerals, etc., that make up a banana. But you may want to highlight the features of a product or service, the health benefits of a food item, the issues of a proposed policy change and more. As you add your own written content, be concise. This is not the design or layout for small paragraphs or in-depth information sharing. Instead, you want to provide data, statistics or facts in just a few words. Then be sure to incorporate a very clear and bold header. Make sure it practically jumps off the page. Lastly, consider your color