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With our online Scatter Plot Maker you can turn messy data into a compelling graph. Or simply show that there is no correlation in the data at all. Start creating your own scatter plot now!

Turn complicated data into an easy-to-understand scatter plot

When you're dealing with a lot of data, sometimes it makes more sense to turn it into a data visualization. After staring at raw data for a long time you might start to see patterns, even if they really don't exist.

With a proven data visualization, like a scatter plot, it's a lot easier to actually show patterns or correlations.

Use a scatter plot template to illustrate positive, negative or no correlation between a set of numbers. With our Scatter Plot Maker you can easily add your data, plot them on a professional graph template and share it with your team in a matter of minutes.

Our Scatter Plot Maker is easy enough for a beginner to pick up in seconds but can also be used by professionals to visualize large amounts of data and present it in an engaging way.

Create your own engaging scatter plot in 5 simple steps:

  1. Pick an interesting scatter plot template that fits your goals.
  2. Sign up for the free Venngage Scatter Plot Maker with an email, Google or Facebook account.
  3. Enter your data directly into the Scatter Plot Maker or import a Google Sheet, CSV or XLSX file with a single click.
  4. Edit the colors, fonts, and sizing of your scatter plot template to fit your brand, project or company.
  5. Share your scatter plot with the world. Either download it to your computer or share a private link directly to from the Scatter Plot Maker.

Tell a simple story with your complex data using a scatter plot

Start With A Scatter Plot Template

Our designers have already done all the hard design work to create a template, all you need to do is add your data.

Use Icons To Highlight Important Data Points

Add an icon or arrow to your simple scatter plot to bring attention to a certain data point or trend.

Include A Positive Or Negative Trend Line

Make sure a reader can quickly consume your scatter plot with a simple trend line showing the relationship between each data set.

Add Your Branding & Logos

You never know who is going to see a graph or scatter plot, so be sure to add your brand colors, logos and a link back to your website.

Start creating your scatter plot in seconds

Unlike other graph makers, you can start creating a scatter plot with Venngage in seconds. There's no software to download, sales call to sit through or demo to test out.

Once you find a scatter plot template that you like you can immediately start using the Scatter Plot Maker.

Plus you can edit, update or share your scatter plot from any computer, at any time. If you have internet access you can use the Venngage Scatter Plot Maker.

Import your data directly into the Scatter Plot Maker

To add your data to our many scatter plot templates you can either copy and paste it from another program.

Or you can also import it directly into a template from a Google Sheets, CSV and XLXS file. All it takes is one click, and your data will be added to your scatter plot template. After you add your data, the scatter plot will automatically update with all new data!

Turn your scatter plot into an engaging infographic

Sometimes it helps to add some context to your scatter plot before sharing it with your team, or the world.

You can add background information, other graphs and more to your scatter plot by turning it into an infographic. We have a large collection of infographic templates that your scatter plot can be directly added to with a few clicks.

This approach will ensure that whoever reads your scatter plot will have all the necessary information and avoid any misunderstandings.

Download your scatter plot or share it with your team

Once you have added all your data, it's time to share or download your scatter plot. You can download your finished scatter plot template as a PNG, PDF or interactive PDF with a single click.

If you want to share it quickly or ask for feedback, you can use a private link that is provided with every template as well.


How do I sign up for Venngage

Use the Venngage Scatter Plot Maker by signing in with your email, Gmail or Facebook account.

How can I upload my data?

You can upload your data to our Scatter Plot Maker by adding it directly to our scatter plot templates or by uploading a Google Sheet, CSV or XLSX file.

How can I download or share my scatter plot?

You can download your scatter plot template as a high-quality PNG, PDF or interactive PDF. Additionally you can share your scatter plot directly from the Scatter Plot Maker with a private link.

Not a designer? No problem! Anyone can create a great scatter plot with the Venngage Scatter Plot Maker.