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50+ Infographic Ideas, Examples & Templates for 2020

By Ryan McCready, Jun 02, 2020


One of the hardest things to do is create something from nothing.

Whether it be a house, a pie, or an infographic.

Sometimes you need a little inspiration to get the creative ideas flowing.

That’s why we decided to round up 50+ infographic ideas to help you get started.

We also broke them down by different uses to make it easier for you to find the right one for your project:

Start with our post on what is an infographic if you need some background.

And if you’re still struggling with coming up with an infographic topic, there are some tips at the end of this article that can help you brainstorm the perfect idea! 

Infographic Ideas For Marketers

When looking for marketing infographic ideas and examples, you seem to run into people talking about being better marketers. 

Or outlining how to use a certain process or idea in your marketing strategy. Kinda like this infographic:

Content Marketing Infographic Idea 1

I know I ran into a lot of these infographic examples while researching this article. 

But there is a big difference between those marketing infographics, and using an infographic in your marketing. As you will see below, there are a ton of different types of infographics a marketer can use!

1. Digital Marketing Checklist Infographic 

Digital Marketing Campaign Checklist Infographic Idea

For example, you could easily use this checklist infographic to make sure that your marketing campaign is followed to the letter.

An infographic like this is ideal for remote teams because you can easily share the image almost anywhere. It doesn’t matter if you’re working with your team on Slack or a contractor on UpWork. 

Additionally, once you create a template like this, it can be used for every campaign going forward.

2. Creative Process Marketing Infographic

Creative Process Marketing Infographic Idea

Another one of my favorite ways to use an infographic as a marketing asset is to explain a process that your company uses.

A process infographic like this example can be easily shared with a new client so that they understand how your company does things, without having to read a long document!

3. Email Marketing Process Infographic

Email Marketing Process Infographic


An important thing to remember is that these processes can either be internal or something that you want to share with other people in your industry. 

This infographic example can be used for both actually. You could easily share it with a new employee, or with your followers.

4. Paypal vs. Stripe Comparison Infographic Idea

Paypal vs. Stripe Comparison Infographic Idea


Now if you want to easily compare your product with a competitor, a comparison infographic is perfect.

In this example, they directly compare the pros and cons of Stripe and Paypal. Now the creator of this infographic might already do this in a blog post or on their site, but this format is going to reach a lot more people. Especially because it’s so well designed and easy to read. 

An FAQ infographic like below might achieve the same goal as well:

Online Tool FAQs Infographic Idea

5. Content Marketing Statistics Infographic Template

Content Marketing Statistics Infographic Idea

The most popular type of marketing infographics actually repurpose information from a blog post, study, or article. 

At Venngage we create a new infographic for almost all of our blog posts, especially if they are data-driven. In this infographic example, we used data from our yearly content marketing survey that we sent to 1000s of marketers. 

The best part of these types of infographic ideas is that you already have created most of the content! You just need to repurpose the written content into a visual.

6. Side Hustle Statistics Infographic Example

Side Hustle Statistics Infographic Idea

One thing to remember when you’re creating infographics from written content is to make sure they are very unique or visually stunning. If you just present a boring list of data or text, then what is the point of creating an infographic in the first place?

This infographic idea from Podia actually presents their information in a very interesting way. 

The data in this infographic is very easy to consume no matter what screen you’re viewing it on as well. A lot of infographics fail because they forget to optimize for smaller screens and social media.

7. Data-Driven Marketing Infographic Idea

Data Driven Marketing Infographic Idea

I really like this example from Mashable and Seagate because of it’s small form factor. It’s about the same size as a poster, which means it can easily be shared on Facebook, Pinterest or in an email blast. 

Plus, like the previous example, the information in this business infographic was repurposed from an article. This approach is a lot more efficient and effective than creating something from scratch. 

Trust me, I have used this simple strategy to massively expand our social visuals over the past year. 

8. Product Launch Roadmap Infographic Template 

Product Launch Roadmap Infographic Idea

Not every infographic that you create has to be shared with the public, you can also use it to create a product roadmap for your team.

I like this approach because you can easily share the high- level information and deliverables with the rest of your company throughout the project. If really you need to expand on an idea or a concept, that can be done on another document.

Also, because we all know setbacks happen, you can update the roadmap on Venngage in just a few clicks.

9. Customer Persona Infographic Template

Modern Customer Persona Infographic Idea

A user persona guide really should be a visual or graphic, even if you don’t create an infographic like this.

Otherwise, it doesn’t feel like a real person that would buy your product or use your service. 

As you can see in this infographic example, they are able to visualize almost every aspect of this fake customer. This format also makes the information easy to understand and access, no matter your team or industry. 

A developer, designer, or marketer can use this information to make better decisions going forward.

10. Marketing Growth Goals Infographic Template

Marketing Growth Goals Infographic Idea

Explaining your short and long term goals to your team can be a tricky thing to get right. There are so many moving parts and it can seem overwhelming very quickly.

With this simple infographic template, they break each major goal into just a few sentences. 

This growth marketing infographic will help your team do their jobs more efficiently and no one outside of your office will see them.

It might discourage some people from creating an infographic, but it can really help your team be on the same page from day one.

So as you can see there is a huge difference between a marketing infographic and using an infographic in your marketing. 

Hopefully, the marketing infographic examples above have given you some great ideas for an infographic!

Infographic Ideas For Nonprofits

People who work at nonprofits often have to wear many hats. One day they might be an event planner, the next a designer, and next week they might be leading a webinar

Their visual content needs are going to be as diverse as their job experience and expectations. 

So let’s take a look at some ways they can use nonprofit infographics.

11. Diversity and Inclusion Infographic Idea

diversity and inclusion infographic

Diversity and Inclusion are hot topics for businesses, and nonprofits are no different.

To create a truly inclusive and welcoming space for everybody who accesses your nonprofit be upfront about your Diversity initiatives.

Presenting key Diversity and Inclusion terms in an easy to understand and professional looking infographic means that this infographic could be used as a poster, on a website, or within your employee handbook.

12. Giving Tuesday Fundraising Infographic Idea

Giving Tuesday Fundraising Infographic Idea


A lot of people probably have heard about Giving Tuesday but might not know much about how impactful it has been over the past few years. 

The design pros over at Classy took the time to break down how much has been raised, the top organizations, and more in a very engaging way.

The information presented in this example makes it very easy for anyone to learn more about the cause. I also really like how they give tips for organizers and donors to help them organize on Giving Tuesday.

You can use this same approach when creating a nonprofit infographic for your event or cause.

13. Alternative Giving Nonprofit Infographic Example

Alternative Giving Nonprofit Infographic Example


Not everyone can give money to their favorite charities in this chaotic time, but they still can help out in other ways.

This very simple list infographic outlines 8 ways that donors or volunteers can assist a nonprofit without giving directly.

There are definitely people who want to help, but they just might not know how to. With a simple list like this, you can activate a bunch of people to help out the community. 

So if your organization seems to be struggling to come up with an engaging infographic idea, this might be perfect!

14. Fundraising Progress Infographic Template 

Fundraising Progress Infographic Idea

Use this infographic to create a visual representation of your progress with important dates, goals and milestones.

Let your donors and employees know how close you are to your goal with this fundraising goal template. There’s really something special about watching that thermometer fill up as the days go by, especially if there is a large or long term goal.

You can also share your weekly or monthly progress towards the goal on social media with this infographic. 

15. Data-Driven Donation Appeal Infographic Example

Data-Driven Donation Appeal Infographic Ideas


Appealing to new donors is a tough job for any nonprofit organization. But if you want to get your message out to as many new people as possible, I would follow this infographic example.

In a few hundred words and a handful of graphics, they are able to break down the problem they face and outline how your donation will help them try to solve it. Honestly, they are able to tell a compelling story about their nonprofit almost instantly. 

The designer made this infographic very easy to consume by breaking each point into sections, using simple data visualizations and strong fonts as well.

When you only have a few seconds to grab someone’s attention, an approach like this will help a lot.

16. Nonprofit Donor Appreciation Infographic Example

Nonprofit Donor Appreciation Infographic Ideas


Former President Carter is probably one of the most famous faces that is associated with Habitat For Humanity. In fact, he is still helping them build houses well into his 90s! 

If you have a special or long term volunteer in your organization you can highlight their achievements with an infographic like this one!

I think this infographic won’t just show your appreciation for current volunteers, it also could be that little push that some people need to get involved.

17. Nonprofit Program Timeline Infographic Template

Nonprofit Program Timeline Infographic Template

Before you even start a new fundraising campaign, it’s very important to lay out a general timeline of the important steps or events. 

In this nonprofit timeline infographic, they outline every major thing for their end of year fundraiser. From outlining the objectives all the way back in July, to launching the campaign in December. 

With a lot of people working on an event like this, it’s very helpful to have a timeline that everyone can refer to. That way small things won’t slip through the cracks or surprise anyone on your team! 

18. Nonprofit Annual Report Infographic Idea

Nonprofit Annual Report Infographic Idea

Creating a summary infographic is a fantastic way to let your stakeholders know what your nonprofit accomplished in the past year. 

There is a much bigger chance that they are going to remember your achievements when presented in this fashion. Plus it’s a lot easier to read this infographic, instead of searching an annual report for all the important data or information. 

You could even share this infographic on social media as a primer or introduction to the full annual report.

19. Nonprofit Project Timeline Infographic Template

Nonprofit Project Timeline Infographic Template

Unlike the previous timeline template above, this example would be more effective if it was shared with the public.

Both outline the timeline of a project, but this one is theoretically looking back on events after the project was completed. It’s almost like a historical timeline of the project or charity.

Sometimes it helps to show how well the previous projects have been completed, to get donors or volunteers excited about working on the next one. Just make sure you use the right tone!

20. Nonprofit Marketing Checklist Infographic Template

Nonprofit Marketing Checklist Infographic Template

Nonprofits employees have to wear a lot of hats throughout the year. 

If you find yourself in charge of marketing for a nonprofit organization or event, this checklist infographic can help you stay on track. It covers everything from email marketing to search engine optimization.

Not only does this template already include a ton of helpful sections, but you can also easily edit it to fit your cause with a single click as well.

A checklist like this will help you and your team stay on track, no matter what level of marketing experience you have!

21. Nonprofit Statistical Infographic Poster Example

Nonprofit Statistical Infographic Poster Idea


A well-designed infographic like this will catch your eye almost instantly. This statistical infographic poster actually comes from one of my favorite designers, Shanti Sparrow

Now even though there’s a lot of information on this infographic, it doesn’t feel overwhelming. You can easily absorb all of the data and learn more about the mission of the nonprofit. 

Plus, she used icons, data visualizations and heavy fonts like a pro to pull your eye deeper into the poster!

Infographic Ideas For Human Resource Pros 

Like the people that work at nonprofits, HR pros are expected to juggle a lot of tasks and responsibilities. Especially if you work at a small organization or new startup, without any other colleagues. 

You have to post jobs, hire new people, make sure everyone is getting their benefits, manage office culture and about a hundred other things. 

This means that you’re probably going to need a ton of unique visuals and infographics to make your job a little easier. That may be a little overwhelming, but don’t worry!

We have found a bunch of infographic ideas and templates to help you get started.

Plus once you create a great infographic template, you can easily reuse it or repurpose it for years to come. 

22.  Job Hiring Process Infographic Template

Job Hiring Process Infographic Idea

The hiring process varies at every company, and might even be different depending on the team that someone applies to. Make sure everyone follows a similar process across your company with this process infographic. 

If you want to be very transparent about your company’s hiring process this infographic is perfect as well. You could simply post this infographic on your job posting, LinkedIn site, or send it to anyone that applies.

Creating a simple graphic like this might actually decrease the number of emails and messages you will have to answer from potential hires.

23. New Employee Onboarding Checklist Infographic Idea

New Employee Onboarding Checklist Infographic Idea

After hiring a new employee, it’s important to welcome them into your company in the right way with a robust onboarding process

But sometimes things can slip through the cracks, especially if you’re not working from the same office! This checklist will help you guide someone through their few days and set them up for long term success.

Brands with a strong onboarding process increase new employee retention by 82%! So you don’t want to skip out on this process. 

At Venngage we actually use almost the exact same onboarding process outlined above!

24. Productive Employee Tips Infographic Idea

Productive Employee Tips Infographic Idea


Not every infographic that you create needs to help you get a task done. Sometimes an infographic can just help your employees do their jobs better. 

In this example, they simply list a handful of productivity tips that will benefit the entire office.

So if you find that a lot of your colleagues are struggling, you could create an infographic like this to help them out.

25. Remote Working Tips Infographic Template

Remote Working Tips Infographic Idea

Like I just mentioned, sometimes sharing a few tips can help your employees improve their workdays.

Especially when their work life has been completely changed in a few short months. In this infographic template, we have outlined some simple tips that will help an employee work from home like a pro

You could use this template as a starting point, and then add your own company-specific work from home tips or rules with just a few clicks.

26. Simple Office Rules Infographic Idea

Simple Office Rules Infographic Idea


It should go without saying that most adults know how to be responsible at work. But if you want to create an infographic that outlines some more specific office rules, you should use this example as a starting point.

Not only are the rules really easy to read, but they are also laid out so you can share this infographic through email or hang it up in your office.

I would recommend making a list of rules or tips like this as people start to return to the office. Kinda like this example

Simple Office Rules Infographic Idea2

27. Virtual Meeting Checklist Infographic Template 

Virtual Meeting Checklist Infographic Template

I’m pretty confident that many companies are running virtual meetings for the first time in recent history. This means that you’re going to spend a lot of time walking people through how to use the software and prepare for a meeting. 

Or you could just send a meeting checklist like this to them, and save yourself a few headaches.

At Venngage, we have been doing virtual meetings for the past few years. But this list would still help new employees or those with less experience lead the virtual meetings.

28. Company Structure Infographic Template

Colorful Company Structure Infographic Idea

Are your employees confused on who they report to or what department they are in? That can happen pretty easily when you’re not working from the same office, or time zone.

Use a template like this one to visualize the structure of your company. The creators of this template made it very easy to scan by using different colors for each department.

I would recommend updating this frequently, and including it in any onboarding materials you give new employees.

29. Simple Company FAQs Infographic Template

Simple Company FAQs Infographic Idea

There are going to be a few questions that every new, or sometimes old, employee will ask about their job.

If you’re tired of answering the same questions over and over again, create an FAQ sheet like this infographic example. Outline some of the most common questions that people have asked you over the past few years. You can even break it down by departments to make the information a bit more specific. 

Include this FAQ sheet in the materials that you send a new hire before they start. This approach will ensure that they can hit the ground running before they come to the office or virtual office.

30. Remote Working Rules Infographic Template

Remote Working Rules Infographic Idea

If you’re working at one of the many companies that are indefinitely extending their remote work policies, this infographic is essential. 

Even if you have allowed your employees to work from home for short periods of time, the long term rules and procedures are going to be very different.  

You might need to outline vacation time, communication procedures, and more before things get too chaotic.

Use an informational infographic like this to make sure everyone is on the same page!

Infographic Ideas for Teachers

I’m guessing that communicating with your students, colleagues and parents has been a bit chaotic lately. With procedures, processes and lesson plans that schools have been using for years basically being abandoned they open back up.

But just because everything has changed, that doesn’t mean you can’t help your students learn and grow.

One thing that we can guarantee is that visual and digital communication is going to be very important going forward, no matter where your students are learning from.

So we rounded up a few of our favorite infographic ideas that you can start using in your classroom right now!

31. Microbiology History Timeline Infographic Template

Microbiology History Timeline Infographic Idea

Explaining the history of a topic or idea can get very complicated, very fast. Especially if that history goes all the way back to the 1500s! 

In this timeline infographic, they effectively break down all the important dates and information that someone would need to know about microbiology.

The modern layout and interesting photos in each section also pulls you deeper into the information as well.

If someone were to present this much information in a list or document, I don’t think it would have been read all the way through.

32. Creative Book Summary Infographic Example

Creative Book Summary Infographic Idea1


 If you want to get your students excited about starting a new book, create an interesting informational infographic like this! 

The designers at Course Hero have included enough information about the book to a reader’s interest, without giving away too much. They also took the time to briefly introduce the main characters and themes, so you can fully appreciate the book.

I know if I saw something like this for each book we were assigned to read, I would be very excited to start reading.

Here is another example of this idea in practice:

Creative Book Summary Infographic Idea2


33. How To Use Google Drive Infographic Idea

How To Use Google Drive Infographic Idea


If you plan to introduce a new program or piece of technology to your classroom, make sure everyone knows how to use it. 

With an infographic like this, you can simply outline how to get started, answer any common questions, set some rules, and more.

If you take the time to create a guide like this, your students will be able to start seeing the benefits of the program or tech from day one. This approach will also save you from having to answer the same general questions a hundred times.

Plus, you can share an infographic like this in the classroom or online very easily.

34. Full Semester Classroom Timeline Infographic Template

Full Semester Classroom Timeline Infographic Idea

Mix things up this year and outline the whole semester on a visually engaging timeline infographic! You can post this infographic to your class website, add it to your syllabus or send it out to your students before the semester even starts. 

Additionally, a timeline like this can help prospective students understand what will be covered in the class! It won’t be such a surprise when they show up on the first day of class.

35. Distance Learning Checklist Infographic Idea

Distance Learning Checklist Infographic Idea1

As you can probably tell from this article, we love checklist infographics at Venngage. Especially now that no one is really working or learning in the same building.

It’s pretty easy to use all the same programs and procedures across classrooms when you can all meet in a single room, but distance learning can instantly disrupt that. 

Checklists, like this example, help everyone stay organized, even when things seem to get a little crazy. Honestly, it looks like there will be some e-learning going on for the next few months, so it’s important to make sure your colleagues are all on the same page. And that all the students are getting the same learning experience. 

If you’re brand new to remote learning, this infographic can also help you get started:

35. Distance Learning Checklist Infographic Idea2

Infographic Ideas for Health Care Workers

Sometimes it’s a lot easier to show someone instead of trying to explain a complex idea or topic to someone. Especially when they are already feeling under the weather or just plain exhausted. 

With the right infographic, you can inform your patients or audience about how they can live a healthier life, deal with stress, or avoid getting sick.

Here are a few examples of amazing healthcare infographics!

36. Allergy Fact Sheet Infographic Idea

Allergy Fact Sheet Infographic Idea


Complicated subjects sometimes need to be distilled down into their most important parts. Especially when you’re talking about something very serious like nut allergies.

There is no room to pull your punches when someone’s life could be significantly impacted by a simple mistake. That’s why I like how the creators of this informational infographic not only gave stats about tree nut allergies but also identified the most common triggers.

An infographic like this could be used in a lot of different ways outside of a doctor’s office or hospital as well. A teacher could hang it up in their classroom, a gym could hang it in their locker room or a summer camp could email it out to all their new campers.

Here is another example of presenting allergies in a compelling manner:

Allergy Fact Sheet Infographic Idea2


37. Coping With Stress List Infographic Template

Coping With Stress List Infographic Template1

Dealing with stress is just part of being a human, you can’t really avoid it no matter how hard you try.

I like how this list infographic quickly outlines a few ways to deal with stress in your daily life. If someone is stressed, the last thing they want to do is read a term paper on the subject. But this infographic gives very actionable tips that you can use later that day! 

An infographic template like this can be used to give tips on a variety of health topics as well. 

You could even turn it into a slideshow, like we did below:

Coping With Stress List Infographic Template2

38. Childhood Obesity Facts & Statistics Infographic Template

Childhood Obesity Facts & Statistics Infographic Idea

When presenting data on an infographic, most people will add interesting graphs or charts. That approach usually makes a pretty powerful case for their position or idea as well. 

But on this healthy living infographic, they used bold fonts to make their statements jump off the page. 

If they would have just used a bunch of charts on this infographic, I don’t think it would have the same effect. 

The bold colors and straightforward layout of this infographic also make it very easy to jump from one point to the next too.

39. Emotional Self Care List Infographic Example

Emotional Self Care List Infographic Idea


When designing you really need to try to match the design elements to your infographic topic.

The muted colors of this infographic example fit the topic of emotional self-care very well. Usually, muted colors are used to evoke a genuine or natural feeling.  If they were to use bold or bright colors, the infographic would have felt off.

It probably would have caused people not to read the information as well! So before you start creating an infographic, make sure your design elements match your topic or idea! 

40. Self Quarantine Checklist Infographic Template

Self Quarantine Checklist Infographic Idea 2

Going to the doctor or the hospital can throw people off their game, especially if they haven’t been feeling the best. Sometimes they will forget what a healthcare worker told them as soon as they leave the office. I know that has happened to me a few times! 

Make sure they follow all of your instructions with a robust checklist infographic like this. This will definitely save your staff a lot of time and frustration. 

I would recommend creating a few of these checklists for some of the most common issues that your team faces each day. Then you can just give your patients a checklist like this to follow when you send them home.

Self Quarantine Checklist Infographic Idea 1

Hopefully, you found some inspiration from the 45+ infographic ideas that we rounded up! As you can see there are a ton of different infographic topics and types that you can create for your industry.

Some of the most common types of infographics include:

What to Read Next: How to Make an Infographic in 5 Steps

Strategies for coming up with your own infographic idea

Now if you’re having trouble coming up with your own infographic ideas, you’re in the right place. Here are a few strategies you can use to create an amazing infographic:

1. Solve a Burning Problem

Creative Infographic Ideas 6

A surefire way to get people to care about your infographic is to pick a topic that solves a burning problem.

That means you have to know your audience and their problems. Again, this is rather obvious but very few people take the time to find out what their audience’s actual problems are.

2. Challenge the Status Quo

Creative Infographic Ideas 1

A lot of us are afraid of upsetting our audience. We think we have to protect our audience, and as a result, we come up with these safe and boring infographic examples that no one cares about.

You need to push the status quo. Ask yourself:

  • Does your infographic make your audience rethink conventional wisdom?
  • Does it challenge your audience’s beliefs and behaviors?

3. Change the Perspective

Creative Infographic Ideas 4

There is always a traditional way of framing a story or narrative but you can make it so much more interesting by changing or reframing the perspective.

All it takes is a bit of creative thinking, and turning the narrative on its head so people care about it!

4. Find Origin Stories

Creative Infographic Ideas 2

For every topic, there is an origin story of how that topic came to be.

Just like the origin stories of superheroes, the origin stories of a field of interest, industry, company or influential person often make for a great infographic.

5. Find Extreme Cases

Infographic Ideas

Another way of choosing a good topic is to look for the extremes.

These are the outliers in your field of interest. In statistics, outliers are often “cleaned” or removed because their influence on the rest of the data might skew the analysis.

But these outliers often make very interesting infographics!

6. Go Outside Your Immediate Field

Creative Infographic Ideas 3

One of the surest ways of turning your audience away from an infographic is to talk only about yourself and your product.

No matter how you spin it, it will probably sound either sales-y or arrogant.

It’s better to choose a topic specific to your industry or field, but bring in an outside element that makes it a lot more interesting. 

7. Find Niches and Subcultures

Creative Infographic Ideas 7


Another way of finding angles of interest for topics that are popular and “noisy” is to look for a niche or subculture within that broader topic.

Finding a niche is a strategy that businesses use when they are trying to enter a new market. The same approach can be applied to infographics and content marketing.

8. Mash-Up Two or More Infographic Ideas

Creative Infographic Ideas 5

This approach is as straightforward as it sounds–you take two seemingly unrelated topics and mash them up. 

The resulting topic is usually something viewed with a fresh perspective.

Now It never hurts to ask yourself if you honestly think your own infographic is worth reading. Because if you’re getting bored looking at it, then you know you have a problem.

But if you know that your infographic is covering a fresh topic, then you’re on the right track.

About Ryan McCready

Ryan McCready went to the University of Arkansas and graduated with a degree in economics and international business. Now instead of studying the economy he writes about everything and enjoys stirring the pot.