30+ Free Infographic Templates for Beginners

By Sara McGuire, Jun 17, 2020

infographic templates free

Not a designer but want to create a simple, free infographic for your business, classroom or blog?

With the right template, anyone can make creative graphics to engage readers and help them remember information.

We’ve rounded up 30+ free infographic templates you can quickly edit in our drag-and-drop online editor. We’ve chosen list infographics as they’re the most beginner friendly.

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infographic templates free


In the meantime, let’s take a look at the 30+ free infographic templates you can customize immediately. We’ve also included some design tips to help you out. Let’s get started!

1. Free infographic templates to communicate tips

How to use these free infographics: Tips infographics work well in blog posts, webinars or slides and even newsletters.

Make the tips easy to follow with visual cues. Visual cues are indicators that points the reader’s eyes in a certain direction, like arrows and lines. Even if the particular order in which your list should be read isn’t important, visual cues can help keep readers engaged.

For example, this list infographic template uses arrows to keep the information flowing from start to finish:

list infographic 4

This straightforward tips infographic can be easily edited for any topic. The tips are clearly defined by numbers and icons.

Community Organization Tips List Free Infographic Template


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2. Free infographic templates to show a process or steps

How to use these free infographics: Process infographics can visualize a business process, like hiring, and be used in internal presentations or documents or shared in a company email, intranet or instant messaging.

If the items on your list need to be completed in a certain order, number the points. Including the number of points/steps in the title of your infographic will also help readers remember everything.

For example, this infographic template clearly states that there are 6 points in the list:

infographic templates free


Or take this quick tips infographic that includes a brief subheader describing what the list achieves.

list infographic template


Numbering the points on your list can also make your infographic easier to follow if you use an unconventional layout.

list infographic template


The numbers in this simple infographic template help explain four types, instead of four steps.

4 Types of Cover Letters List Free Infographic Template


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3. Free infographic templates with illustrations

How to use these free infographics: Summarize tips from multiple sources and put the infographic in a blog post that your sources can share and link to. These templates also work well for HR and health and safety tips.

Images will help make the points on your list easier to understand. By simply adding an icon to illustrate each point, you can make your list much more memorable than by using words alone.

This free infographic template is easy to scan and understand thanks to its big, bold icons.

Thankfulness Benefits List Free Infographic Template


Bold icons feature in this free list infographic template too, but there’s also plenty of space for text. You could use it to summarize a blog post, for example.

Work From Home Jobs Free Infographic Template


When it comes to using icons in your infographic, make sure you use a consistent style. For example, this infographic template uses icons with a colorful, cartoon style.

list infographic template


Same with this bright and simple infographic template: all the icons have the same cartoon-like style.

Coping With Stress During A Crisis Free Infographic Template


Meanwhile, this infographic templates uses flat icons in one color.

infographic templates free


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4. Free infographic templates to summarize guides

How to use these free infographics: Try summarizing your main points at the end of a webinar or online course with an infographic. Add the infographic to any course handouts.

A long list with a million points can make you go cross-eyed. That’s why it can be helpful to organize the points on your list into groups. You can group points by priority, type of information or task, tools required, etc.

For example, this list infographic template group points by the type of action required.

infographic templates free


This list infographic template groups the tips by category to make this guide easy to follow.

Guide For Remote Learning Free Infographic Template


5. List infographics to use instead of a Word checklist template

How to use these free infographics: Sharing educational content on social media helps build trust with your followers. Share a snippet of a tips list on Instagram–the app will crop the image for you to size. Include your company name and logo in the image.

Normal bullet points are functional, but kind of boring. Even checklist templates in Word are pretty unexciting. Instead, try our checklist templates with icons.

Icons illustrate concepts in one small, simple graphic. They can also be used to draw attention to specific points on an infographic.

Pick icons that reflect the theme of the point they’re attached to. For example, if you’re listing objects, use icons that illustrate those objects. Or if you’re listing tasks to be done, look for icons that represent those tasks.

Here’s a simple checklist infographic template that uses icons as bullet points:

free infographics templates


 This free infographic template makes use of bold color and quick tips for maximum visual impact.Build a Personal Brand List Free Infographic Template


You could also use checkmark icons to stick to the classic checklist theme–while still making it more interesting than a Word checklist template.

infographic template free


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6. Free infographic templates to compare two (or more) things

How to use these free infographics: Compare your product or service with your competitor’s. Add it to your website’s sales page. Or simply list all of the benefits of your product or service.

Color selection is an essential part of infographic design. Smart color selection can make your infographics easier to understand and more effective at communicating information.

Alternating between different colors for each point on your least will make your infographic easier to scan. Look for colors that complement each other like purple and yellow or blue and orange, like in the simple infographic below.

Salmon Comparison List Free Infographic Template


For example, this infographic template uses bold colors to make each point stand out individually.

checklist infographic template

And this list infographic template alternates between two contrasting colors.

list infographic template


If you don’t want your color scheme to be too bold, you could simply alternate between shades of a color, like in this list infographic example.

infographic templates free


7. Free infographic templates for lists

How to use these free infographics: Use them in a newsletter to highlight new products or services you’re offering. List other brand recommendations (and get them to do the same). Or educate your audience.

One of the benefits of using a list infographic instead of regular text list is that you can get creative with how you organize information. If you want, you can ditch the straight, left-aligned format altogether.

A zigzag pattern guides the reader’s eyes back and forth across your infographic. The result is a creative design that plays with the reader’s expectations.

Here is an example of a list infographic that follows a zigzag pattern.

infographic templates free


This free infographic template alternates between left and right justified text, to help spice up the usual left-aligned list format.

Popular Android Mobile Apps Free Infographic Template


8. Free infographic templates for PowerPoint presentations

People often use lists to summarize points in a presentation. If you’re building your infographic for a PowerPoint presentation, optimize your design to fit a slide.

The standard ratio for PowerPoint is 4:3 but you can change the size of your slides to fit your infographic or vice versa–it’s easy to resize images in our editor.

PowerPoint infographics are perfect for sharing on social media as well.

Here is a PowerPoint infographic template that fits the dimensions of a PowerPoint slide.

infographic templates free


Try adding these infographics to our presentation templates–you can now export them in PowerPoint format (on the Business Plan).

Use the following infographic in your presentation to illustrate a concept, show company core values or outline a plan.

Modern Resume Parts List Free Infographic Template


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9. Free infographic templates for promotion and print

How to use these free infographics: Add these templates to your digital marketing materials like posters, leaflets and brochures. You can print them out, too.

If you have a lot of points on your list, divide your infographic into two columns and put two points in one row. This will prevent your infographic from getting too long.

E-learning vs Classroom Free Infographic Template


Our post on comparison infographics has many more comparison templates.

This list infographic template uses a simple block layout with two columns to comfortably fit 10 points.

infographic templates free


You can even split your infographic into three columns to cover three points. Customize this simple infographic for any topic you can explain in three parts.

Low Carb Diet Facts Free Infographic Template


Or go for broke with five columns. This free infographic template can be edited to talk about any topic, from mothers to the moon!

Motherhood Abilities Mother's Day Free Infographic Template


10. Free infographic templates to visualize statistics

How to use these free infographics: Include them in your presentation or pitch deck. Add them to your fundraising email and social media campaigns.

If there are important phrases or numbers that you don’t want readers to miss, you can use design to emphasize that information. Use a a bold font in a contrasting color to make keywords stand out.

For example, this list infographic template uses bold orange font to help key numbers stand out from the background.

list infographic templates


Nonprofits can easily customize this simple infographic template. Add your own logo, cause and stats.

Water Statistics Free Infographic Template


Read more: Our statistical infographics post has more templates if you want to focus on visualizing data. Or browse our nonprofit infographic templates.

Once you pick the perfect free infographic template, you can customize the text, icons, colors and fonts to make it your own. Why settle on a boring list when you can start building a beautiful list infographic?

More free (and paid) infographic templates:

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