Venngage for Business [Features and Perks]

By Nadya Khoja, Mar 27, 2020

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Venngage For Business is the Venngage Business Plan for our productive and highly collaborative users. It’s the visual communication platform that helps busy professionals communicate effectively, produce high-quality content and empower their teams.

Who are our Venngage for Business users? A diverse crowd of professionals: 

  • Company founders
  • Chief Executive Officers
  • Executive Directors
  • Senior Managers
  • Sales Executives
  • Consultants
  • Marketing Managers
  • Human Resources Professionals
  • Educators/Instructors
  • And more! 

Curious about what Venngage for Business has to offer you and your team? This post highlights the Venngage for Business features that are going to help you perform your best. 

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We regularly add new features to Venngage For Business. Check out this post periodically for updates on the latest features!


1. DesignAI

DesignAI creates your presentation slides for you – in an instant!

This latest Venngage for Business feature is perfect for busy executives with a lot of ideas to communicate, or non-designers who need professional-looking content quickly. Here’s how: 

  1. In the editor, whenever you want to add a new slide just hit the (+) symbol. 
  2. Choose Generate Designs. Then add your text and select Design My Slide. 
  3. DesignAI creates a variety of slides to choose from. Select the one you like and start your next slide!

With DesignAI at your fingertips, presentation design just got a whole lot easier! Check out DesignAI today and tell us what you think.



2. My Brand Kit

Venngage My Brand Kit Page

My Brand Kit lets you upload and save all your brand collateral, including your brand logos, brand colors, and brand fonts. Using My Brand Kit, your entire team can represent the brand in a professional and consistent way. 

Whether you’re designing an upcoming timeline infographic, an annual report, or even a social media post – Venngage For Business makes your brand shine.

My Brand Kit lets you:

  • Upload and save your logos
  • Save and apply color palettes
  • Save and apply font styles

Accessible logo library

Accessible Logo Library Image

Similar to the image library, My Brand Kit lets you save variations of your organization’s logo. This allows for easy and immediate access to your logos when working on content. Once saved, they’ll be accessible in the editor under the My Brand Kit tab. Apply the right logo version, drag and drop, and resize with ease. 

Choose and save brand colors

Brand colors library

Select and save your brand’s color palette, and apply the color scheme to all your content.

Just like with your logos, your brand colors will always be ready under the My Brand Kit tab in the editor. You can apply them with a click to every new visual you create. You can toggle through the palette to get a variety of combinations, and then settle on what you like most. This beats remembering hex codes, trying to guess the right shades of a color, and manually selecting colors for each shape, icon and border. 

Present font styles and sizes: 

Present font styles and sizes library

You can upload specific fonts to My Brand Kit. Then, when you want to select text in the editor, you’ll find your brand fonts available under the Text tab.

In My Brand Kit, you choose your own title, subtitle and body font styles and sizes. This way, everyone can create content that’s uniform and consistent with the brand. You can add, update, and customize your brand by logging into your account and going into My Brand at any time.


3. Team Share and Collaboration

Check out this Team Share and Collaboration demo video for a quick walkthrough on how Team Share and Collaboration works: 

For professionals at the executive or director level, collaborating on content is essential. They need to guide most ongoing projects, providing suggestions and direction to their team.

With Team Share and Collaboration, you can review and leave comments on designs before they’re finalized; set up customized, branded templates that the team can access for their own content; and get the whole team to contribute to designs for quarterly reports, newsletters, infographics and more. 

Team Share and Collaboration lets you: 

  • Share designs with your team
  • Give feedback and edit designs seamlessly
  • Provide access to custom, branded templates for all types of content

My Templates

You can save all your customized templates in My Templates. With Venngage for Business you can also share them with the entire team. First, take any template you’ve customized (like a monthly newsletter or company letterhead), and save it to My Templates. You can do that from My Designs. Just click the gear icon on your design, then ‘Save as Template’: 

My Templates Page_Saving as Template example

You’ll find all your saved templates in my templates:

My Templates Page_Saved Templates Example

Then, from the editor, just click share and toggle the team share button!

Share Saved Template with Team Example

To view your shared templates, either select “Shared with Me” or “My Team” to see what everyone has access to.


4. 1-1 Design Consultations

Tell us your goals and we’ll show you how to get there with Venngage for Business. With one of our Venngage design professionals, you can explore how our tool works, its many advantages, and the latest graphic design trends

Every design consultation lets you:

  • Ask questions and voice concerns that you may have about getting started or getting more from the tool
  • Find the categories and templates that best suit your needs, and create your own template library 
  • Discover neat Venngage design hacks, along with best practices for bold, professional designs

Here’s how to book your call: 

  1. Contact support to let them know you’d like a design consultation 
  2. Support will share a consultation calendar with you
  3. Choose a time and book your consultation
  4. A professional designer will chat with you online at the time you’ve chosen

To reach support just click on the Intercom chat button at the corner of the screen (anywhere on Venngage). After scheduling a call, you can always reschedule should anything come up.

Booking a Call Example

Learn more about our design consultations here.


5. 24-hour Priority Support

Have a looming deadline and need to customize your charts? Working all hours of the night on a project and need design pointers? You and your team might work around the clock to get things done. 

Well, so do we.

Our support team is highly dedicated, responsive and available at all times to our business users. Venngage for Business users are our top priority. When you message support, you get bumped to the top of our support queue. 

That means less waiting, more getting it done.  


6. Export Presentations to PowerPoint

That’s right, you can design presentations in Venngage and export them to PowerPoint (as pptx. files). 

To convert your presentation into PowerPoint format, open your design in the editor. Then click on the download tab, and at the bottom you’ll see the format option for PowerPoint.

Export to Powerpoint Example

Giving presentations at the office, in lecture halls, in conferences and events abroad can all be very different experiences. We don’t want our users having to choose between awesome, vibrant designs and compatibility. 

Create your best content with Venngage, and present it the way that makes sense to you.

7. All Templates and Widgets

Business Templates and Smart Templates


Venngage for Business gives you access to every template and widget in our tool. More importantly, our Smart Templates are now available exclusively for business users. 

Smart Templates are infographics with widgets that help you customize lists, sections, and layouts. Easily add or delete sections, headers, tables and more by just resizing the widget! 

Expect to see even more smart, responsive features for Venngage for Business as we continue to make updates. 

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