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Quickly create informative maps with Venngage's Map Maker

Start Creating For Free

You can tell a pretty compelling story with a simple map, but creating one shouldn't take hours. With Venngage's Map Maker anyone can create a map in a few minutes.

Turn your location data into an easy-to-read map graphic

If you're dealing with location based data, maps still are some of the best ways to display that data. Everyone knows how to read one and quick conclusions can be drawn from the data without much context.

Compare the average cost of living across each of the states with our full map of the United States, or using individual state maps. Both can easily be achieved in the free Map Maker.

Plot some of the most populous cities are in terms of population in the world. All you need is a map template and few of our icons from our free icon library.

Or simply highlight what country has the most snowfall each year and turn it into a geographic infographic.

All of this can be done, and a whole lot more, with a simple map template on the Venngage Map Maker. Start creating now!

Create an engaging map in a few simple steps:

  1. Pick one of our many professional map templates.
  2. Sign up for the Venngage Map Maker with an email, Google or Facebook account.
  3. Add your data directly to the map template or upload a Google Sheet or Excel file to the Map Maker.
  4. Highlight important info or data on your map with by adding text or one of 40,000+ free icons or illustrations.
  5. Share your map with the world using a private link or download it directly from the simple Map Maker as an image or PDF.

Enhance your location data or info with a map template by:

Using contrasting colors

When comparing location data, try to use contrasting colors to make it easy for readers to draw quick conclusions.

Adding informative icons

Draw attention to important data points or locations with one of our free 40,000+ icons & illustrations in the online map generator.

Including other data visualizations

Tell a more complete data story by combining your map template with other graphs or chart templates using our map creator tool.

Adding context to the data or info

Outline how you collected the data or explain any interesting findings by adding a little bit of extra text to each map template.

Create engaging & informative maps

If you need to create a map, there's a good chance that the Venngage Map Maker can help you out. We have 250+ different maps spread across the entire world that can be edited in a manner of seconds.

Need a map of Canada and the US to compare total exports from the two countries? A map of the world to show that your remote team is spread across a ton of different time zones? Or simply a map of Kansas to create a worksheet for your classroom? We have all of those.

Start creating your maps for free with the Venngage Map Maker right now.

Drill down to the state & county level

Sometimes you need to show off some very specific location data at the state or county level to make an impactful statement. With the Venngage Map Maker you can easily do that with a few clicks.

Each of our country maps can be broken down into their states, territories and more so that you can plot accurate location data.

But unlike other map creators, each state or territory in our Map Maker can be broken down into the individual counties as well. This allows you to compare data from not only the state level but the country level as well.

Turn your map into a geographic infographic

Add some context to your map and location data by turning it into a geographic infographic. You can achieve this by adding some eye-catching icons, interesting background information and more to your map template. This will help any reader gain some important information from your map.

Or you can simply add your map to any of our professional geographic templates with a few clicks using our map generator.

24/7 chat & customer support

Don't worry if you're creating your first map with our Map Maker, our customer support team will help you every step of the way. We know that you're working at all times of the day so they are available 24/7 and can be reached directly from our map creator tool.

Not only will they help you create a map, they will also give you design tips to make it beautiful.

Additionally, if you just need some tips or inspiration our blog and YouTube channel is full of helpful content.

Download or share instantly from the Map Maker

Once you have finished editing your map template, you can share it directly from the Map Maker using a private link. This link can then be shared on social media, added to an email or anywhere you like.

If you want to download your map, you can also do this from the map creator with a single click as a PNG, PDF or Interactive PDF.


How do I download or share a Venngage Map?

You can download a map template from the Map Maker as a PNG, PDF or Interactive PDF with a few clicks. Or simply share from the Map Maker with a private link.

How much does Venngage Map Maker cost?

Anyone can start creating a free chart to share with the world. But there are data visualization features that are only included in our Premium and Business subscriptions.

What type of map templates does Venngage have?

If you can think of a map, we have that map template in our Map Generator. From interactive world maps, to country maps and even state maps that you can break down into individual counties! If you run into a map that you can't find, we will do our best to add it to the Map Maker as well!

Not a designer? No problem! Anyone can create a new map with our easy-to-user Map Generator