Minimalist Ping Pong Event Flyer Example - Venngage Flyer Examples
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Minimalist Ping Pong Event Flyer Example

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Poster Description

Breathe new life into your business flyers by using the design methods in this marketing flyer example! It’s great for promoting a product or a sporting event. This poster features a minimalist design that focuses on bold colors and images to captivate its audience. It’s no secret that people are drawn to vibrant colors and stunning images, so be sure to add them where they make sense.


Place emphasis on the title with large text and modern font so readers know what your event flyer is all about. Break up chunks of content with lines and sections so it’s easy to read.


This marketing flyer also features logos of the companies involved in the event so don’t hesitate to use a logo! You’ll have creative flyers with these simple design tips that are easy to use.

Color Palette



800 × 1200 px


Blake Allen