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Business Course Flyer Template

Business Course Flyer

Promote your course the right way using the right customizable flyer templates.

An informative flyer about a product or course can drive interest and engagement just as easily. This business course flyer template is an excellent template to market a course you're currently offering. First, choose a relevant header image that will lock your audience in. You can upload your own high-quality images or search our vast stock photo library for that perfect image. Once you've got your image, you can resize it by dragging on the corners or using the image frame to crop it easily. Remember to use a header that is as equally enticing and jumps off the page! The perfect header and header image will help your target audience understand exactly what this flyer is all about. Now focus on your messaging and content. The length of this flyer lets you dive into the details. First answer some of the general questions, like what, where and when. Then you can provide a course outline that highlights the many facets of the program you're offering. Also mention some of the products and packages that are included in the adjacent panel. Lastly, incorporate your own color palette to really own this flyer design. Feel free to include prices, a call-to-action or coupon codes to make the flyer more relevant. Then you're ready to print off your flyer and distribute it, or share it over social media. In just a few steps, you've become a design pro! So tell us how your Venngage experience went. Did you find what you're looking for? If you have any suggestions or want to tell us how great we are, feel free to get in touch!