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Business Service Flyer Template

Cleaning Services Flyer

Present your cleaning services the best way by using this business flyer template.

This cleaning services flyer template is a great way to promote your helpful cleaning service. With a great collection of icons to highlight your key services, you'll have a great flyer done in just a few steps. The Venngage icon library has over 20,000 icons to use for your own unique flyer. You can capture every element of the cleaning process, whether it's sweeping, dusting, steam-cleaning, clearing mould, getting rid of junk and more. Using visuals captures the wide range of your services in less than a second for your audience! Of course, you also want to list out all of your individual services and packages. This template lets you get right to it, just switch out the existing text for your own offerings. Remember to include the prices and cool names of your service packages so that people remember your content much more easily. Coming back to icons, show people that you're accessible everywhere. Include your social media handles, your email address, your website and a phone number. This way your potential clients know they can get in touch with you in