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How to Make a Flyer for Cleaning Services

Written by: Danesh Ramuthi

Jun 04, 2024

how to make a flyer for cleaning services

According to recent statistics, 10% of US households rely on professional cleaning services to clean up dirty homes and make them livable.

The main reason people hire a cleaning company is due to lack of time and this will only increase in the future as lifestyles get faster. If you own a cleaning business, the time is ripe to capture a piece of this growing pie. But how do you get word out and reach potential without breaking the bank?

If you guessed advertising, you’ve got the right idea! House cleaning flyers are a cost-effective way to advertise at scale.

If you want to jump straight into making a house cleaning flyer, try our Online Flyer Maker or edit one of our flyer templates.  


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What to include on a cleaning service flyer?

Effective cleaning service flyers should not only be visually appealing to grab attention but communicate essential details clearly to bring in business.

Make sure to include the following information when creating a cleaning service flyer.

  • Company name and contact details

Prominently display your company name in a large and catchy font that is easy to read from far away.

And at the bottom of your cleaning service flyer, include your contact details such as phone number, email, and/or website so potential customers can contact you.

Cleaning Company Flyer Template
  • Short description of services

Highlight clearly what your business is all about in a few sentences. Ideally, this should be based on market research or analysis of the needs of your potential customers.

For example, in this house cleaning flyer template, reading the subhead text makes it clear the target customers are condo residents.

Vibrant Cleaning Services Product Flyer
  • Service breakdown

After you’ve drawn viewers in, list the services offered by your business such as deep cleaning or regular maintenance.

By doing this, you inform viewers how your cleaning service can specifically benefit them.

Cleaning Services Flyer
  • Call to action

A strong call to action on is crucial if you want your house cleaning flyer to have its desired effect.

In one or two lines, tell potential customers exactly what you want them to do next, whether it be to call for a free quote or schedule a cleaning session today.

Modern Cleaning Service Flyer
  • A professional logo

Logos are key to branding and making sure your cleaning business stands out from the crowd (and appear professional).

Aim to include a logo that’s simple and memorable in a prominent position in your house cleaning flyer.

Free Cleaning Service Flyer Template Word
  • Quality photos

High-quality photos can establish a strong emotional connection and more importantly convince viewers they can achieve their goal with your service.

For example, this house cleaning flyer features an image showing a sparkling clean space and which can incentivize people to contact your business.

Free Cleaning Service Flyer Template Word
  • Minimalist design

House cleaning flyers should not be cluttered as this can cause confusion or demotivate viewers from reading your flyer.

List only essential information and make use of white space so that anyone scanning can understand what your business is about and/or the service it offers.  

Cleaning Business Flyer Templates

Here’s some additional information you can consider adding to house cleaning flyer include:

  • Licenses or insurance you carry
  • The number of years you’ve been in business
  • Any satisfaction guarantees you offer
  • Relevant info about quotes 

The power of house cleaning flyers

As I’ve hinted to earlier, house cleaning flyers are a budget-friendly option to reach local customers.

Whether you’re an established business or just starting out as a house cleaning service, you’ll benefit in the following ways by creating house cleaning flyers.

Cost-effective marketing channel

House cleaning flyers are a classic example of a cost-effective marketing channel. You can make them online for free and share digital versions on social media channels or as paid ads.

And if you decided to print house cleaning flyers for distribution, bulk printing services today can help you keep costs low.

Targeted reach

With printed house cleaning flyers, you have complete control over your reach and target specific apartment buildings, neighborhoods, or areas where you believe ideal customers live.

Increased brand awareness

House cleaning flyers help build brand awareness that keeps your business on top of mind of potential customers. This repeated exposure also helps establish a high level of trust which can pay off down the line.

Even if someone isn’t looking for a cleaning service today, if they keep seeing your house cleaning flyer in shops or community centers, you’ll be the trusted choice when they require house cleaning.

Tips for creating a cleaning service flyer

So far, I’ve explained the benefits and incredible potential house cleaning flyers offer to businesses.

Now let’s shift gears and learn how to create an effective cleaning service flyer.

If you’re making a house cleaning flyer, keep the following points in mind.

  • Use a simple headline: Since people scanning flyers have limited attention spans, a simple headline is important to get your message across quick.
  • Use high-quality images: Showcase your cleaning expertise with high-quality photos that grab attention.
  • Use different but similar fonts: Maintain a clean design with a single font family with variations (bold, italics) to create visual interest.
  • Avoid clashing colors: Use a limited color palette to reduce visual clutter and reinforce your commitment to quality.
  • Make it easy to scan: House cleaning flyers should make it easy for busy people to understand what you do and how to reach you.

Cleaning flyer design tips

Now that you know the basics of making an effective cleaning flyer, let’s explore some design practices.

Note: You can create cleaning services flyers from scratch or edit cleaning flyer templates for free online. By using templates, you’ll enjoy house cleaning flyers that implement the following good design practices.

  • Visual appeal: Use high-quality images, clean layouts, and colors to create a professional look.
  • Be clear: Don’t go overboard with text. Keep it short and use strong verbs and bullet points where possible.
  • Be consistent: Use your brand’s colors in the design and include a company logo.
  • Include a CTA: Make the call to action clear and easy to spot.

Cleaning service flyer ideas by industry

Cleaning services vary depending on the target customer and the type of establishment requiring cleaning.

Here are cleaning service flyer ideas organized by different industries.

Residential cleaning

Residential cleaning service focuses on homes (houses, townhouses, and condos) and is the most popular cleaning service.

It includes services like deep cleaning or cleaning services related to moving homes. Here are a few excellent examples of customizable residential cleaning service flyers.

Cleaning Business Flyer Templates
Free Cleaning Service Flyer Template Word

Commercial cleaning

Commercial cleaning service focuses on offices, retail spaces, fitness centers, and more.

This type of service focuses beyond just janitorial duties and can include disinfection and sanitization, power washing, and more.

Vibrant Cleaning Services Product Flyer

Specialty services

Specialty cleaning services target very specific needs like oven, carpet or even window cleaning.

For example, this cleaning flyer is specific and targets a very niche market — car washing.

Black Modern Express Car Wash Flyer

Seasonal cleaning

Seasonal cleaning services target specific needs associated with different times of the year.

Some examples of such scenarios include deep cleaning tasks for spring cleaning or post-holiday messes.

Housekeeper Flyer


How many flyers should I print?

How many flyers you print depends on two things — your budget and target area. It’s recommended you start with a small batch first and adjust the quantity to match the response.

Where should I distribute my flyers?

You should distribute your flyers in target areas where your services are needed. For example, if you offer residential cleaning service, distribute flyers in neighborhoods and if you’re in the commercial cleaning service business, distribute your flyers near office areas.

What if I don’t have graphic design skills?

If you don’t have graphic design skills to create cleaning flyer services, browse for free templates on sites like Venngage and edit to your needs using intuitive drag and drop interface. Alternatively, if you have the budget, you can hire a freelance designer to create a cleaning service flyer for you.

How can I track the effectiveness of my flyers?

To track the effectiveness of your flyer, consider adding a unique tracking code (like a special discount code) to identify leads generated from that source.

Besides flyers, are there other marketing strategies for my cleaning business?

Yes! Flyers are not the only medium to market your cleaning business. Other channels include social media presence, local business listings, and a well-designed website. You can also place an advert on a billboard if you have the funds.

Conclusion: Grow your cleaning business with simple but effective flyers

Building up a cleaning service business and staying competitive requires constant marketing and using all available channels.

And since cleaning services mostly thrive at a local or regional level, flyers are a great way to connect with potential customers. Don’t waste precious time and start creating cleaning flyers today.