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Comparison Flyer Template

This vs That

Comparisons are a great marketing tactic, get started with our expertly-designed comparison flyer templates.

This vs. That is an excellent comparison flyer template that simplifies complex matters. Compare products, political platform, concepts and more to easily and effectively inform your target audience. First, choose images of the things you're comparing. They could be the actual images of products or objects, people, or representations of the concepts you're exploring. You can upload your own images into the tool, explore our vast stock-photo library or use our illustrated icons from a bank of over 20,000 to choose from. Additionally, as you compare specific areas (features of the products, stances on political issues, ideologies and more), incorporate icons to really highlight each point. Just be sure to use icons of the same family for the sake of consistency. For the main header, subheaders and individual points, choose a font that is clear and bold. You want your content to stand out. You can also use different colors to distinguish between subheaders and body text, this will help readers scan your infographic quickly and easily. A comparison flyer is a great addition to your content marketing strategy. It allow you to answers