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Tech Flyer Template

Tech Digital Flyer

Market your unique tech with our tech product flyer template.

It's time to get your marketing game up to date with the cool tech you sell. Use our tech digital flyer template to promote your cool products and gizmos. Venngage makes it easy to customize every template to suit your products and services. So what's the biggest deal you've got going on? Do you have pictures of your cool products? Upload your own high-quality images within our tool. Remember to make the best deal jump out to really draw your audience in. You can do that with bold, easy-to-read fonts. You've likely got a number of promotions going on. So upload images for those products as well. You can keep them a bit smaller and arrange them according to the template, or create your own layout by selecting entire sections, dragging them and shrinking them. To select multiple objects at once, just click and drag your cursor over the objects. Then move them to where you want them and resize them by dragging on the corners. It's so easy! The next thing you want to do is add your own written content. In this flyer you probably want to highlight a few features of each product, along with the prices. Any attractive phrases like “FREE” or “50% OFF” should use the biggest fonts. If you've got killer prices, make sure they stand out too. Just keep it simple and you're flyer will be a hit! So how was your experience designing with Venngage? Let us know, we're always happy to hear from our wonderful subscribers!