7+ Trifold Brochure Inspiration Examples & Templates – Daily Design Inspiration #8 | Venngage Gallery
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7+ Trifold Brochure Inspiration Examples & Templates – Daily Design Inspiration #8

7+ Trifold Brochure Inspiration Examples & Templates – Daily Design Inspiration #8


Every hour there are thousands of projects published by many talented designers. But because those are published across a collection of different social networks and sites, you often miss them.

That’s why I decided to put together this first edition of the Daily Design Inspiration. With this daily collection of trifold brochure examples, I want to give new designers a platform to show off their work.

To spread some inspiration to readers. To collect amazing design work on one platform. And to make it easy for anyone to create something beautiful.

In this edition of the Daily Design Inspiration, we are going to look at some trifold brochure examples from Rebecca FinnDaniela Pérez Quiroz, and a few from our own Venngage designers.

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1. Minimalist Astray Travel Brochure

Creator: Rebecca Finn

Type: Minimalist Travel Brochure Inspiration

Selected Because: I couldn’t let you guys miss out on this amazing travel brochure from Rebecca Finn. It’s not technically a trifold brochure, but its very close. Now my favorite part of this brochure is the small cover page that lists all of the pertinent information. This layout allowed the designer to use a beautiful photo for the other cover page as well.  



2. Teal Tech Trifold Brochure Inspiration


Creator: Venngage

Type: Simple Trifold Brochure Inspiration

Selected Because: White space is a very powerful part of any great design project. This tech brochure uses a lot of white space to make the content feel very light and airy.



3.  Unique Folded Event Brochure

Creator: Ute Müller-Schlösser

Type: Simple Trifold Brochure Inspiration

Selected Because: I probably would have included this brochure example in this article based solely on how it was folded. As you can see in the GIF, the unique folding and layout help this brochure stand above the rest. But the strong typography and interesting color palette also make this brochure noteworthy.



4. Payoff Trifold Product Brochure Inspiration

Creator: Josh Hemsley

Type: Product Trifold Brochure Inspiration

Selected Because: The call to action on the front of this trifold brochure truly makes me want to learn more about the product. And I think that some brochure makers forget that the cover page should make people want to learn more about your product or service. As you can see, this example uses a compelling promise of living a better life to get readers immediately hooked. Not just their company name or logo, like so many mediocre brochures I have seen.



5. Andy Warhol Pop Dreams Exhibit Brochure

Creator: Daniela Pérez Quiroz

Type: Image Heavy Event Brochure Inspiration

Selected Because: Using a lot of photos on a brochure is not an easy task because of the limited space. But the designer did a great job of featuring a collection of his very diverse examples, without making the brochure feeling messy.



6. Illustrated Nonprofit Brochure Inspiration 

Creator: Venngage

Type: Illustrated Brochure Inspiration

Selected Because: Illustrated icons are very popular in the design world this year if you haven’t noticed. I believe this is because brands are trying to appear more genuine, fun, and approachable. They are used extremely well in this nonprofit brochure example and fit the color palette extremely well. I’m pretty confident a photo or stock image wouldn’t have the same effect.



7. OCCUPY Wall-Street Info Brochure

Creator: Stephane Pianacci

Type: Bold Informational Brochure Inspiration

Selected Because: This brochure example was actually created a few years ago, but I just stumbled upon it last week and wanted to share. There are a lot of things to like about this creative brochure from Stephane Pianacci. First, the way that the numbers jump off each page is incredible. Next, I would like to bring attention to the bold color palette, which helps bring attention to important information. And finally, the map helps you visualize exactly where they were raging against the machine. Overall, this is one of my favorite brochures I have probably ever seen.



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