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EPIC Green Tri-Fold Travel Brochure Idea

Brochure Description

If you’re looking for business brochure ideas, we’ve got you covered! This design by Studio-JQ is the perfect marketing brochure example. The designer used bold colors and fonts that pop off the page and draw the reader’s eye. You can emphasize important details by adding a vibrant color scheme or one that matches your brand. The possibilities are endless when it comes to creative brochure ideas!


This travel brochure also uses a flat design but adds lines and graphics that force the reader to focus on specific information. You can see how the bold green pattern also matches the theme of the event, which is ingenious.


The entire business brochure idea flows together due to the mountain-like pattern which is sure to make an impact. The designer also created a unique snowboard image by taking smaller icons and graphics and forming them into the shape.

Brochure Features

  • Bold Colors
  • Bold Font
  • Flat Design
  • Interesting Graphics,
  • Brochure Icons
  • Bold Patterns
  • Modern Shapes
  • Marketing Brochure Example
  • Travel Brochure Example
  • Business Brochure Example
Color Palette



2250 × 3000 px



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