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The Journey From Fat To Fit Infographic

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Infographic Description

There’s no better time for people to get in shape, and now you can create a fitness infographic to inspire them! This workout infographic from Venngage features a modern style that’s easy to adapt into your own infographic examples.


The designer used large, colorful images and transparent icons to give this a creative look. The human eye is drawn to images, so you can’t go wrong by adding them to your infographics. It also has a dramatic color palette and color blocks to emphasize important text. The variation of colors helps break the infographic into sections while also making it eye-catching.


Whether you’re creating a fitness or healthy eating infographic, make sure you pick a font that fits your topic. With this food infographic, the designer used a modern font for the headings and a professional font for body text so it’s easy to read.


Additionally, when you need to display larger chunks of text, you can break it up into numbered lists. In this workout infographic, this is done in each section and arrows are used to point each fact to the corresponding image. Put the finishing touches on your fitness infographic by adding the fact sources at the bottom as well as your company’s logo!

Infographic Features

  • Dramatic Color Palette
  • Modern Font
  • Professional Font,
  • Images
  • Colored Section
  • Lists
  • Brand Logo
  • Workout Infographic Examples
  • Health Infographic Examples
  • Food Infographic Examples
Color Palette



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