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77 Social Media Holidays You Need in 2018 Infographic Idea

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Infographic Description

Is coming up with social media infographics stressing you out? Do you find yourself staring at a blank page with no direction? Take some design tips from this social media calendar from Deposit Photos! It’s the perfect social media infographic example.


Not only is it colorful but it’s informational and fun to read. You can make your social media infographics successful by using the same design methods.


What makes this template stand out is the bright colors that change from month to month. People naturally go towards vibrant colors which means they’re more apt to focus on your infographic examples.


Another great feature of this marketing infographic is the addition of icons and images. Did you notice that even though the images and icons are subtle, they’re fun and interesting? The designer used icons to represent days on the calendar and around the name of the month for a unique design.


As for the text, try using bold headings and a modern font so it’s easy to read and keeps the reader’s attention. Craft more creative social media infographics when you use these design tricks!

Infographic Features


Deposit Photos

Color Palette



900 × 2953px


Deposit Photos

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