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Modern Black & Yellow Holiday Sales Flyer Idea

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Flyer Description

If you’re having a seasonal or holiday sale, use this flyer example to make creative sales flyer ideas! The Venngage designer utilizes several methods to help grab people’s attention. Take for instance the bright colors that highlight product prices and the sale promotion.


This yellow color immediately catches the eye because it’s offset by a darker background. The entire advertising flyer features text in only two colors so readers aren’t distracted by a busy design. This strategy also helps you put a lot of information on the flyer without it being a chaotic mess.


Additionally, the flyer background is a larger product photo that matches the winter holiday sale theme. You can emulate the same style choice by having a main product as the background, followed by other product images off to the side.


The featured items are in a semi-transparent box that keeps them from fading into the background. Don’t forget to add your store logo and a call to action like the designer did in this sales flyer design.

Not only are you showing them who you are visually, but you’re telling them to contact you and find you on social media. Include icons where they make sense to draw the reader’s eye down the page when you create sales flyer ideas!

Flyer Features

  • Product Images
  • Featured Logo
  • Semi-Transparent Boxes
  • Interesting Flyer Background
  • Flat Icons
  • Bright Color Palette
  • Call to Action
  • Sales Flyer Design
  • Informational Flyer Design
  • Flyer Background
Color Palette



816 x 1056 px



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