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Playful Blue & Red Patterned Donut Product Flyer Idea

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Flyer Description

When looking for product flyer ideas, you can’t go wrong with this flyer example from Playhaus! This template features eye-catching colors, typography, and patterns. Whether you’re creating branding for your business or need creative flyer ideas, this template has everything you need!


Each flyer in this group has a patterned background to keep it consistent. It’s also the same wavy design as seen in their company name. This technique is great for branding and making sure readers remember your company.


These product flyer ideas break the content into sections with a wavy border and added text boxes. This will emphasize products, prices, and important facts.


If you want to make your marketing flyer idea stand out, try using a dramatic color palette. This product flyer example features a vivid color scheme that will immediately catch people’s eyes. You can also make the design pop by adding large bold text in a modern font.


On each flyer in this set, the designer kept the headings and subheadings large and bold for continuity and aesthetic reasons. Test out these design techniques for successful creative flyer ideas!

Flyer Features

Color Palette



1158 × 1600 px



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