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White & Green Printable Product Flyer Idea

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Flyer Description

Realize your product flyer ideas with this easy to use template. By looking at this sales flyer design, you may think it’s too complicated to customize. However, you can design like a professional with a few simple features.


The Venngage designer added a photo at the top to catch people’s attention and to evoke emotion. You can do this by choosing an image from the gallery or uploading your own photo.


The minimalist color palette adds a soft tone to the modern flyer design. By sticking to a small color scheme, you avoid distracting readers from what’s important. This informational poster design also includes icons in place of bullet points.


Not only does it bring attention to the text but did you notice that each icon relates to the topic? This is especially helpful in visually advertising your business. You can also separate blocks of content with the use of dividers, lines, and colored boxes to add to the flyer background.


With these flat design choices, your product flyer ideas can come to life.

Flyer Features

  • Strong Photo
  • Flat Icons
  • List
  • Minimal Color Palette
  • Helpful Dividers
  • Flat design
  • Transparent Overlay
  • Call to Action
  • Simple Font
  • Sales Flyer Design
  • Modern Flyer Design
  • Informational Flyer Design
Color Palette



700 x 906 px



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