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Lady Boss Party Pink Event Poster Example

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Poster Descriptions

Events are best advertised with a poster that captivates readers. You don’t have to be a designer to create a successful poster for your event. Use this business poster example for design inspiration. From entrepreneur meetings to marketing seminars, this is the perfect event poster example to get you started.


Use realistic photos to immediately attract people. It’s no secret that the human eye is drawn to photos, so you can’t go wrong with the visual element. You’ll also want to use an image that relates to the topic and appeals to the right market.


For this creative poster example, the designer split the background with a photo and color for a unique layout. They also chose a modern font and made the title a large heading that stands out. With a natural color palette paired with a partial border, you can create a marketing poster in no time!

Poster Features


The Routine Creative

Color Palette



792 × 1224 px


The Routine Creative