Kobe Coffee Creative Product Poster Example - Venngage Poster Examples
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Kobe Coffee Creative Product Poster Example

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Poster Description

People love coffee and now you can get them excited for your coffee event by using this creative poster example for ideas! Whether you’re advertising a special coffee promotion or a café event, you can’t go wrong with these design tips and tricks.


This typography poster focuses on a dramatic font that’s eye-catching and in an intricate layout. It also features mixed fonts for the body text such as modern font and handwritten font. A subtle color palette works best here because it allows the typography and images to stand out.


When it comes to images and icons, use ones that match the product or event theme. This coffee poster example also uses an image of a cup that’s tipped over and an illustration of the spilled liquid for an innovative design. Transform your flyers into modern poster examples with these fun design techniques!

Poster Features

Color Palette



564 × 793px


Kobe Coffee