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Healing Scents Plant Aromatic Garden List Infographic

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Infographic Description

Make people more aware of the benefits of healing scents by customizing your own health infographic. You can send an effective health message like this creative infographic from Venngage. You don’t have to be a graphic designer to utilize the same techniques in this template. A great way to attract readers is by adding images of the topics so people can visualize the data. Place the images in shapes to make them pop off the page.


The designer used the same method in this template by adding colored circles behind the graphics. It’s eye-catching because the author used an earthy or natural color palette. This technique fits with the topic of healing scents and plants for an elegant style.


You can accomplish this by putting the headings and titles in a playful font and a delicate font for the body text. Make sure the font for the headings and body text complement each other but also fit the subject of the fitness infographic. Another technique that adds a touch of elegance is the border that features a pattern which works well with the green and purple border.


This gives your health infographic a unique design. Point out specific details such as a recipe by integrating icons in place of bullet points. In this template, the ingredients are listed with a starburst icon next to each item and the directions are in a numbered list for readability. Capture these design methods in any creative infographic!

Infographic Features

  • Earthy Color Palette
  • Playful Font
  • Delicate Font, Real Images
  • Borders
  • Numbered List
  • Creative Infographic Examples
  • Health Infographic Examples
  • Fitness Infographic Examples
Color Palette



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