Captain America Vs Iron Man: Civil War - Venngage Infographic Examples
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Captain America Vs Iron Man: Civil War

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Infographic Description

When creating a comparison infographic, you can use simple methods to catch people’s attention. Take this Captain America vs Iron Man infographic as an example. The designer made a professional and creative infographic with a few simple techniques. You can accomplish the same idea without being a graphic designer.


This Marvel infographic features a dramatic color palette that matches the characters. The bold and modern font also accentuates the comparison infographic. The main heading uses the same font as the characters in the comics so it has that authentic comic book style.


Additionally, you’ll want to add images to your infographic examples to make it stand out. This infographic has images of Iron Man and Captain America that are sure to draw readers in. You can also utilize columns in your layout to make the comparisons and add icons for each fact.


Another way you can put emphasis on the individual categories is by adding a semi-transparent box for the titles. The ones featured in the columns fade at the end which eliminates harsh edges and adds a natural flow. When you create any comparison infographic, make sure to add any sources and notes at the bottom of your template!

Infographic Features

  • Dramatic Color Palette
  • Bold Icons
  • Bold Headings
  • Modern Font
  • Column Layout
  • Transparent Boxes, Sources
  • Marvel Infographic Examples
  • Comparison Infographic Examples
  • Creative Infographic Examples
Color Palette



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