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Playful Flat Now Hiring Business Flyer Example

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Flyer Description

There are no limits to what you can do when you create business flyer ideas with this HR flyer example from Venngage! The designer for this template used a vivid color palette to attract readers right away. The use of bright blues paired with some orange makes it the perfect business flyer design.


You can advertise anything from a hiring event to a special holiday sale when you integrate a vibrant color scheme. This advertising flyer also showcases graphic images to engage readers to think about the event and they even match the theme. Use images or icons to your advantage to evoke emotion and make the reader take action.


Speaking of action, did you notice the Call to Action or CTA at the bottom of the flyer? When crafting business flyer ideas, you can never go wrong with a CTA. The one seen in this informational poster design, tells readers to reach out to the company and lists the contact info. This tactic will also help you track the return on your flyer.


The main focus of this template is the text box that highlights that the company is hiring. You can use this tactic to point out important details that may have otherwise been missed. To finish it off, add a traditional font that’s easy to read and reflects the theme of the event.

Flyer Features

  • Vivid Color Palette
  • Illustrated Icons
  • Call to Action
  • Sectional
  • Traditional Font
  • Business Flyer Design
  • Informational Poster Design
  • Advertising Flyer Design
Color Palette



816 x 1056 px



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