5 Ways Brands Can Turn Instagram Audiences Into Content Heroes - Venngage Infographic Examples
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5 Ways Brands Can Turn Instagram Audiences Into Content Heroes

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Infographic Description

Designing social media infographics can be complicated if you don’t know where to start. With this infographic example from Venngage, you’ll have all the inspiration you need! From the images to the modern font, you’ll be dreaming up a unique Instagram infographic in no time.


A sure-fire way to grab your audience’s attention is by utilizing graphic images. Images help break the content up and make it interesting to read rather than staring at plain text.


If you have several items to mention you can make it a unique list infographic with numbers, images, and lines. This adds creativity to your text instead of just listing the items which can be dull and cause people to lose interest.


To keep the audience focused, try adding a dramatic color palette. Bold colors are known to appeal to the human eyes so use them where you can!


Additionally, this social media infographic also uses a modern font for the titles and body text. Emphasize key facts or titles by adding bold headings and oversized text. Whether you’re marketing your business or displaying cool facts, use these tips to make successful social media infographics!

Infographic Features

Color Palette



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