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Why Do Hip Hop Artists Die Young? [Infographic]

By Eugene Woo, Mar 24, 2016

Last night, we heard of the death of Phife Dawg, a rapper who helped shaped the hip hop scene. Phife (whose real name is Malik Taylor) was 45 and he died of complications from diabetes.

When you look at the cause of precocious death of rappers, Phife‘s death was not typical. Incredibly, most hip hop artists’ deaths are from being shot and killed. In fact, almost 40% of all deaths recorded on this wiki page, were caused by gun violence.  The second most common cause of death was traffic accidents followed by complications from diseases.

Infographic: How Hip Hop Artists Die Young | Venngage

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How Hip How Artists Die Young | <a href="https://venngage.com/blog/why-do-hip-hop-artists-die-young">Venngage</a>


RIP Phife. Thanks for keeping it real.

“Your whole appearance is a lie and it could never be true
And if you really liked yourself then you would try and be you” Phife Dawg



About Eugene Woo

Eugene is the CEO of Venngage and has a passion for making design and data easier for everyone. He enjoys swimming and good coffee.

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