- CHAPTERS 5 & 6 -

Infographics For Beginners: 

The Ultimate Guide

Chapter 5

How to Promote Your Infographic

Now that you have created your beautiful and informative infographic, it’s time to share it with other people! 

If you want to your infographic to be seen by a wide audience, you will need to use some smart marketing strategies.

Here are a couple of strategies you can use to promote your infographic. 

Publish Your Infographic on Directories

Directories won’t give you much SEO juice but they are a good way to get relevant audiences looking at your infographic. Writers and content marketers will often search through infographic directories to find visual content for their next article.

Some directories you can share your infographics on:

Now it's your turn!

We hope that you enjoyed the Definitive Guide to Infographic!

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