Alignment [Design Principle Definition]

By venngage, Oct 10, 2019

Alignment Design Principle Alignment Definition Venngage

What is Alignment in Design?

Alignment is a design principle that refers lining up text or graphics on a page. 

While you probably won’t notice when the elements in a design are aligned, you will almost definitely notice when they aren’t. A design with poor alignment will look cluttered and unfinished. But aligning elements on the page will organize your design and make it easier to read.

Types of Alignment

There are several different types of alignment, based on where you position the elements on your page. Here are the different types of alignment you can use in design:

Left Alignment

Left alignment is when elements are aligned to the left side of the page. 

Left Alignment Design Principle

Right Alignment

Right alignment is when elements are aligned to the right side of the page. 

Right Alignment Design Principle 5

Vertical Alignment

Vertical alignment is when elements are aligned with the top of the page. 

Vertical Alignment Design Principle 2

Center Alignment

Center alignment is when elements are aligned with the center of the page.

Centre Alignment Design Principle 3

Justified Alignment

Justified alignment is when elements are anchored evenly between the left and right sides of the page. 

Pretty straightforward, right?

When to Use Alignment in Design

Similar to other design principles like balance and proportion, alignment should be taken into consideration in virtually every design. You should use alignment when you want to organize text and images on a page.

How to Use Alignment In Your Designs

When aligning elements in your design, you need to place them along an imaginary line. To make this easier, it helps to use a visual guide like a grid.

Venngage’s alignment tool makes it easy to align your designs in just a click. Simply highlight the elements you want to align, and pick a position from the Alignment drop-down menu:

Alignment Feature Venngage

Examples of Alignment in Design

In this timeline infographic, the weeks are center-aligned:

basic timeline infographic template venngage


This simple infographic has all of the elements left-aligned. This creates a neat and organized design:

financial stocks informational infographic venngage


Meanwhile, this business event poster has a right-aligned column listing the event speakers:

business event poster venngage


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